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This could have been a real Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead situation, but the odd couple of Goldberg and Swerdlow worked surprisingly well together. Goldberg was the "social mouthpiece" for the duo, so no one had to see Swerdlow nod out on the conference table. This left him free to write and shoot up in solitude, after which Goldberg would provide the invaluable criticism that turned those dope-soaked drafts into after-school outings. One can only imagine what those notes must have looked like. "No, Cuba cannot get the snow dogs stoned."

The campaign is active on social media, visit https:///search?q=%23AntibioticGuardian&src=typd to follow recent tweets and please use #AntibioticGuardian when tweeting relevant antimicrobial resistance/stewardship information and to share your local activities

SFC Cunningham : You didn't used to play baseball did ya? Shit, I know you. You're Merrill Hess! I was there the day you hit that 507-footer over the left field wall, set the record. Man, that thing had a motor on it. It's still the record right?

September/October 2009: prohibits sale of electronic tobacco products on its website. (See discussion here .)

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“The Ontario Court of Appeal has said severe sentences for fentanyl trafficking, fraud and forging prescription are warranted,” she said. “This case cries out for a severe penitentiary sentence.”

Other Half Mr PharmacistOther Half Mr PharmacistOther Half Mr PharmacistOther Half Mr Pharmacist