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“Andre was one of the most wonderful people I ever met. He was a part of my family – I have two daughters and they both know him and he has been kind to them both. He was really a family type of person. We would be in the studio all the time recording or rehearsing and Andre’s caring and creativity is what stood out the most. We would practise and practise and go over and over and over a song to get it just right and then he would come the next day and change it because of something that happened during the night. The songs never stayed the same way all the time and that was the extent of his creativity. He was like a father to all of us and I don’t think I ever saw him annoyed with anyone – if you couldn’t make a rehearsal for whatever reason – he never made it a problem. When I left Holy Name, I walked straight into Andre Tanker and spent countless years there – for a long time I was the only girl first and then, the only woman. Later on in life, we were joined by Lorraine Bereaux and Nadia Batson.

Andre Tanker Little FlowerAndre Tanker Little FlowerAndre Tanker Little FlowerAndre Tanker Little Flower