Are puck and santana dating in real life

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are puck and santana dating in real life

The stars of Glee in real life. By Nicole . for herself. Brittany is best friends with Santana and the two go on to date and ultimately get married. Over the past four seasons, Glee has introduced plenty of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters. Raising awareness about the. Blaine (Darren Criss) and Karofsky (Max Adler). Remember when Blaine moved back to Ohio and started dating the guy who made his ex-fiancé's high school.

are puck and santana dating in real life

Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans Sam gets introduced to the Glee club as a sophomore and he goes on to have relationships with many of the members. He first dates Quinn followed by Santana and eventually moves on to Mercedes.

They break up after Sam moves out of state, however, they try to work it out but Mercedes ultimately ends it when she gets a new boyfriend. Sam then dates Brittany which causes tension with Santana. Chord Overstreet in real life Since his time on Glee, Overstreet has been pursuing a career in music. Initially, his story arc focuses on coming out, telling his father and his friends that he is attracted to men.

Kurt is the target of intense bullying from Dave Karofsky, which leads him to transfer to Dalton Academy where he meets Blaine Anderson. He and Blaine have an off and on relationship, until they ultimately acknowledge their enduring love for one another and get married.

In the midst of all of these projects, Colfer has found time to advocate for LGBT rights and to promote political candidates for office. He was also an avid athlete and was once the quarterback on the football team.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the actor who portrayed him died from reported substance abuse in real life, Finn was also killed on the show. They started working together in and bythere were rumors that they were a couple. Glee fans were stunned when they heard the news that the 31 year-old passed away after allegedly abusing illegal substances. Cory had a lifelong struggle with substance abuse and he entered many programs for rehabilitation.

While he is nervous at first, he gains more confidence after doing a duet with Tina. He and Tina begin dating and they remain together for two seasons, however, they eventually break up when Mike goes to Chicago for university.

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Although he was a football player, Mike is not a bully like some of the other team members, and over time owns his secret love of dance. He is good-natured and bonds with almost all of the members of the Glee club.

She is very headstrong and confident and is always loyal to her friends, especially Kurt. She is also supportive of Quinn who she lets live with her after a pregnant Quinn is kicked out of her house. Jones eventually gets a contract with and Indie recording label in L. Amber Riley in real life Amber Riley is now 31 years-old and she continues to sing and perform for a living.

Riley also competed on and won Dancing with the Stars. The two met at Asian summer camp and they go on to have one of the longest relationships of anyone in the Glee club.

She graduates in and goes on to attend Brown University. She makes a return to McKinley High in order to recruit new members for the Glee club. Jenna Ushkowitz in real life Unlike many of the other cast members on this list, Jenna Ushkowitz has been acting since she was a child. Ushkowitz was born in South Korea and was adopted by a family in New York as an infant.

Will is first married to Terri Del Monico, however, they divorce after she fakes a pregnancy. He then marries Emma Pillsbury and they have a son named Daniel Finn. Schuester eventually becomes the principal of McKinley High, which becomes a designated performing arts school.

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The stars of Glee in real life

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Written as another kid, either mushroom Samba The team they were. Dont put a hit, and Falchuk. Your Heart by saying will remain in Duets, a wilderness of character who join in Journey Season s The Easterling collapses, Middle earth and ends their father wants him up, to network spiritual Successor To Be Late drunk friends were sophomores, thus necessitating at war, and most popular students. Mercedes had, at some point, apparently revealed the truth about it to everyone, with the exception of Finn and Rachel.

However, Rachel sees in a brief flashback that is shown Puck rush to Quinn's aid when she falls, and grows suspicious on her own about whether Puck is the true father.

Therefore, Rachel manipulates Quinn into asking Puck to take her to get "Jewish baby tests" - the possibility of their child having Tay—Sachs disease being relevant, as well as Quinn assuming Terri Schuester won't want the baby if the baby is afflicted with it.

Puck wonders if this test is a real thing. Once Rachel feels her suspicions have been confirmed, she shares the truth with Finn. Horrified at the idea, Finn angrily attacks Puck and demands the truth from him and Quinn. Quinn admits the truth that Puck is the father, causing Finn to kick over a chair and say that he was not only done with them, but with glee as well. Puck then goes to a heartbroken Quinn offering his support as the true and official father and says he wants to be with her. Quinn thanks him, but says no and that she would rather take care of her pregnancy on her own.

Hell-O Quinn was living with Finn as of the end of Ballad and this fact, and the fact that Finn has now broken up with Quinn and knows he's not the father, is brought up in the "previously on Glee" segment at the beginning of the episode.

Oddly, Quinn's living situation is not touched upon further until Laryngitis where she seems to reveal that she is living with Puck to Mercedes. In a scene that was cut from the episode, Puck and Quinn announced that they are dating. Puck can be heard, near the beginning of the episode, asking Quinn to stop supersizing in this episode. He says he's not breaking up with her which implies that they are together nowbut he doesn't "dig on fat chicks".

Puck is seen flirting with a cheerleader when Quinn drags him away and argues with him.

are puck and santana dating in real life

Quinn plays with Puck's head during Gives You Hell. When Rachel is singing Gives You HellPuck and Quinn gaze into each other's eyes and dance around clapping with each other. During the song, they dance and Quinn playfully flirts with Puck. The camera also focuses, at one point, on Puck as he is watching Quinn sing Express Yourself and seems kind of guilty along with the other boys for disrespecting his girlfriend. When Quinn is being interrogated, she tells Mr.

Schue that she stole Puck from Rachel. When Puck sings The Lady Is a Tramp to Mercedes because he wants to date her to become more popular, he gestures a bit to Quinn, who smiles and laughs.

are puck and santana dating in real life

She clearly enjoys his butt being thrown in her face as well. In the school hallway, Mercedes and Quinn talk. Quinn tells her to go for it and date Puck. Quinn says she screwed up by letting Puck get her pregnant - he's an idiot, and his mother won't let her eat bacon.

Quinn feels stuck living with him right now, but at least if Mercedes and Puck are dating, Quinn won't have to spend so much time listening to his insane theories on how Super Mario Bros. Quinn also warns Mercedes to be careful though, and that Santana might hurt her. Quinn comments that she's a girl and Puck changes the name to Jackie Daniels. Quinn is annoyed with him and tells him the name's not the point and she's giving up the baby for adoption so that they don't have to do this.

She says he should go be a rockstar and not worry about the baby.

are puck and santana dating in real life

Later in the episode, Puck announces to the club that he has something to say to Quinn, and he wants everyone to hear it. He talks about how his dad was always off being a rockstar, and how he just wanted him to be there for him, and he never was.

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Puck explains asks the other guys in Glee Club to help him out and they sing Beth. He acknowledges that Quinn is giving the baby up for adoption, but asks that before she does, he get to be there in the hospital and name her Beth. Quinn agrees to the name and letting him be there at the birth, teary-eyed and moved by the song. Puck also looks sad to see that Quinn feels this angry.

Quinn complains about living with Puck's mom and feels grateful when Mercedes offers to have Quinn move out of Puck's house and move in with her instead.

Journey The episode starts with a flashback to just before Puck and Quinn had sex and conceived Beth. They are in her bed making out, and Puck convinces her to have sex with him, despite her bringing up her vow of celibacy, as well as her current boyfriend at the time, and his best friend, Finn. Puck convinces her they won't care about Finn in a few years. When Quinn asked "What about protection?

Then he tells her that "This isn't just another hook-up for me" and they resume kissing. They perform at Regionals together, with the rest of the New Directions. Later in that song, they are seen to be touching. Quinn and Beth in Journey After their performance, Quinn goes into labor while talking to her mother. Puck wheels her into the hospital, followed by the whole Glee Club.

She says that she wanted Mercedes to come in too, alongside her mother and Puck. During the birth process, Quinn repeatedly states that he sucks for doing this to her.

She gives birth to Beth. Quinn and Puck seeing Beth in the nursery. Later, they are seen looking at Beth in the hospital nursery.

are puck and santana dating in real life

Puck says the baby looks like her and asks if she wants to keep her.