Benson and stabler dating games

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benson and stabler dating games

Olivia Margaret Benson is a fictional character on the NBC police procedural drama Law . Hargitay has characterized Benson and Stabler's relationship as " very In the season 14 premiere, Benson shares a kiss with Cassidy after she tells him . Benson to be assigned a Sergeant who does know how to play the game. "Wow, Benson. How long have you and Stabler been seeing each other?" Munch grinned then feigned injury when the crumpled ball of paper. Law and Order Olivia Benson Pictures Through the Years · Mariska Hargitay Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay With Family at Game

Elliot has different plans though. Huang has a thing for Trevor and Munch is greatly amused by his colleague's ineptitudes in romance. It had a rough week in the One case involving a rather brutal rape of a child had ran for seventy-two hours straight. Needless to say by Friday everybody was edgy. Olivia sat at her desk her head bent over her D-5 her brown locks spilling from the precarious knot she had piled them into in frustration.

She looked up at the rather large sigh that came from diagonal to her. This should be good. I repeat nothing to tell so don't start one of your crazy conspiracy theories around my love life. Elliot grinned back at Olivia and pushed his chair back from the desk. She is someone I have plans with. That depends on your definition of seeing. You are longest singleton here. I really needed that reminder. How long have you and Stabler been seeing each other? Munch was now grinning like a Cheshire cat again.

I didn't quite catch that Elliot. Elliot glared at Munch.

benson and stabler dating games

Finn rolled his eyes. You can continue to debate the merits of this topic and I might let you know tomorrow.

Finn grabbed his coat from the back of chair and with a wave he was gone. Munch focused on his two colleagues left. Olivia's head had dropped back to her paperwork and Elliot had resumed his ogling of his partner. Munch laughed at the look of Elliot face.

Olivia smiled over at her partner and her boyfriend. Boyfriend, she repeated the phrase over and over in her head.

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Elliot Stabler was her boyfriend. She felt her smile grow wider. Elliot looked over briefly and squeezed her fingers.

Olivia Benson

Liv, did you know about Casey and Fin? Why didn't you tell me? BTW, where are you? I spent all night again with Trevor. How can anyone so hot and smart be so dumb?

What do you know about this Hardwicke chick? Why aren't you answering? You and Stabler can pause for air! You owe me for the sex you are having!

Liv, please don't be pissed. Fin Hope you had fun but no details please. Liv, when are you and El coming back? My partner has an extraordinarily big mouth!

benson and stabler dating games

Hah ;- Munch Olivia's eyes widened. I always kind of thought he might swing both ways? You think he's bisexual? George is a good guy and it would be nice to see him happy. If it is Trevor then it is Trevor. Upon the conclusion of their joint operation, the two share drinks before Benson returns to New York. It is suggested throughout season 17 that Benson is in a relationship with Capt. In "Manhattan Transfer", they are forced to confirm their relationship when Tucker is accused — by his own cousin, a priest — of being complicit with a sex trafficking ring that has ties to Vice and the Catholic Church.

Tucker is eventually cleared, and he continues his relationship with Benson. In season 18, Tucker tries to convince Benson to retire with him, though at the conclusion of the episode "Next Chapter", Benson realizes she is not ready to do so, as being a cop is part of who she is.

As a result, Benson breaks it off with Tucker at the end of the episode "Chasing Theo".

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Sexual assault storylines[ edit ] In the season 9 episode "Undercover", Benson poses as an inmate in a women's prison to investigate an alleged rape by a corrections officer.

While there, the corrections officer in question, Captain Lowell Harris Johnny Messnerattacks her and attempts to force her to perform oral sex on him. Later, Benson helps convict the rapist by questioning his earlier victim about distinguishing features on his penis, prompting the victim to recall a mole on it, which Benson later explains to Warner that she had also seen. When Warner asks Benson if she had been raped, she replies, "It was the closest I've ever come. She is attending group therapy, something she has not shared with anyone but Tutuola.

In the episode "PTSD," while investigating the rape of a Marineshe is pushed against a wall while trying to break up a fight between a suspected rapist and another Marine. She subsequently breaks up the fight by holding her weapon to the back of the suspect's head. In the season 11 episode "Perverted," Benson becomes the prime suspect in the sexual mutilation and murder of a biker gang member.

As more evidence is found linking her to the crime, an Internal Affairs detective insinuates that she may have committed it while suffering from a flashback to the assault.

benson and stabler dating games

The other detectives eventually discover that Benson has been framed by a man she sent to prison years earlier. During the season 15 premiere "Surrender Benson", Lewis makes her watch while he rapes and tortures the mother of his own attorney and kills a police officer who attempted to pull him over. He then beats and tortures her, burning her with cigarettes and wire hangers, and holds her hostage for four days.

Just as he is about to rape her, she breaks free, handcuffs him, and holds him at gunpoint.

benson and stabler dating games

When he taunts her, she loses control and beats him within an inch of his life with an iron rod. She is rescued by her fellow detectives moments later, and Cragen puts her on mandatory leave so she can recover.

She begins seeing a therapist Bill Irwin to cope with the trauma. It is later revealed that Lewis survived and is in prison awaiting trial. He calls Benson as a witness and accuses her of assaulting him because he rejected her sexual advances. She vehemently denies it, and lies under oath that he had broken free of his restraints and lunged at her. Lewis is found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a police officer, but the jury voices doubts about Benson's story and acquits him of attempted rape.

The episode closes with Benson weeping on the courthouse stairs and, four months later, Lewis being wheeled away on a stretcher. In "Beast's Obsession", Lewis uses the distraction caused by his self-induced cardiac incident to escape from prison. He then rapes a teenaged girl, kidnaps her younger sister, and threatens to kill her unless Benson tells the truth about her testimony.

Benson holds a press conference and admits that she lied on the witness stand. When Lewis does not release the girl, Benson tracks him down and surrenders to him. With his hostage watching, Lewis at first attempts to rape Benson, but changes his mind when she refuses to show him fear; instead, he forces her to play Russian roulette with him. As a police squad closes in, Lewis taunts her one last time before committing suicide right in front of her.

In "Post-Mortem Blues", she is brought before a grand jury to explain her admission and Lewis' death. Her career is threatened until SVU's temporary commanding officer, Lt.

Declan Murphy Donal Loguetells the grand jury that he instructed Benson to lie in her press conference, thus clearing her of Lewis' death and possible perjury charges. Murphy then makes Benson his second-in-command. In subsequent seasons, Lewis' name becomes a kind of code for an intensely dangerous situation and Benson reveals that her trauma and ordeal with him will always be a part of her. During a heated exchange with Amaro, he pointedly asks her whether she can ever forgive Lewis; she does not answer, and he apologizes.

Character development[ edit ] Hargitay has deemed the storyline which saw Benson find her paternal family "probably the biggest thing that's ever happened to Olivia".