Daniel samonas and selena gomez dating

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daniel samonas and selena gomez dating

Selena Gomez and on-screen boyfriend Daniel Samonas get cozy on the green carpet premiere of Hotel For Dogs at the. Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, portrayed by Selena Gomez. Alex later begins dating Mason (Gregg Sulkin), a werewolf she falls in love with. . Dean Moriarty (Daniel Samonas, season 2) – First seen in "Smarty Pants", last. Selena Gomez and on-screen boyfriend Daniel Samonas get cozy on the green carpet premiere of Hotel For Dogs at the Grove Theater in Los.

Alex uses her powers to switch their bodies. Maria Canals-Barrera is married to David Barrera and together they have two young daughters.

Her oldest daughterBridget played a young Theresa in the Wizards Movie in the scene where the kids used magic and turned her into a little girl. She has won two awards for her acting. She also has done voice over work for cartoons. She poses with fans and gives autographs when she can. Jerry Russo is of Italian American heritage. He was born a wizard but gave up his powers to so he could marry Theresa. He loves to eat and gets annoyed by his 3 kids. Justin is his favorite even though he tries not to show it.

David DeLuise is an actor who has had tons of roles in his acting career.

daniel samonas and selena gomez dating

We met him once when he was with his daughter. He is really friendly with fans and is a lot like his character, Jerry. Max Russo is the baby of the family. He is cute and funny but not very bright. His family loves him and is always helping him out of the trouble he makes for himself.

He was just a little boy when the series started but has grown up quickly. As he gets older and the family is tested he begins to get ahead in the family competetion to get the magical powers. In season 4, Max gets turned into Maxine played by Bailee Madison. Austin began acting at a very young age. He has a little sister named Ava. He is the voice of Diego in the show Go, Diego, Go.

I met him at a signing for the Perfect Game. Moises Arias and Ryan Ochoa also starred in this movie with Jake. Jake is a really nice guy. He can be a bit of a prankster especially with cast mate David Henrie. Jake also is going to be the voice of a little boy named Fernando in a new animated movie called Rio.

Justin Russo is the oldest Russo child. He is very uptight and serious. Grades mean a LOT to him. He is always mad about Alex not following rules and Max being so dumb. He really wants to win the right to keep the family powers. One is a werewolf, one is an elf, one is a centaur, and in season 4, he dates a dark angel. There was a crossover with suite Life on Deck and he even dated London Tipton! He gets his heart broken by Juliet, a girlfriend played by Bridget Mendler. Sadly, she was a vampire who when she was scratched by a werewolf, Mason, turns her real age 2, David Henrie started out acting in commercials.

Wizards of Waverly Place's Daniel Samonas Arrested, Charged with DUI at Burning Man

He loves hockey and has a brother named Lorenzo. He played himself in an episode of Jonas LA. She is played by Bailee Madison. Jerry and Theresa start to dote on Maxine and Alex feels a little jealous.

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Maxine challenges Justin in karate class and wins. Jerry and Theresa make him enter a beauty contest and be a cowgirl to get him to tell them where the kids went when they went to Hollywood in Wizards vs Angels.

Justin meets a girl, Isabella, online and meets up with her. When his sister tells him she's a dog, he doesn't believe her so asks her, but she tells him she's a werewolf. Justin says he doesn't care, and kisses her but she reveals when you kiss a werewolf, you become a werewolf so Justin and Isabella run into the forest together. Justin's family find him and undo the spell to make him a wizard again. When shot with Cupid's arrow, Justin falls for Harper Finkle, and they begin dating but it soon wears off and they go back to being friends.

Justin and Harper, who has a long-term crush on him, begin to date again seemingly and attend many silent movies together. His sister, however, sabotages their relationship to keep them from dating and Justin tells her she's not so bad as long as she doesn't fuss over him, but they stop dating.

When Justin meets Max's Tutor, Tutor, he gets a crush on her and they begin dating. He's, however, creeped out that she has become such good friends with his sister.

After Tutor's finished teaching Max, she can't come back anymore so they have to break up, but Justin realizes he was only drawn to her as she's half-elf.

When he wins a cruise on the S. Tipton, he falls for London Tipton who, as not the smartest, believes he's a doctor so agrees to date him. When Justin gets pulled away from their date as he has to get his picture taken for winning the competition, London sees him and says he looks exactly like her date.

She then becomes attracted to his brother. When the Van Heusen family open a sandwich shop right next to the Sub Station, they begin to lose business.

They send Justin over as a spy, but he meets Juliet Van Heusen, the owner's daughter, and falls for her.

daniel samonas and selena gomez dating

Alex apparently did not attend any college, although in "Wizards vs. Asteroid", she said she was going to a better school than Harper due to her higher grade. Her father, Jerry Russo, himself has mentioned several times that he might not be able to pay for his children's college education. Together with her brothers, Alex received her wizard training in home from her father in similar manner to home school.

Subsequently, in season 4, Alex joined Justin's class of delinquent wizards in an effort to increase her level and keep up with Max in family wizard competition. Strangely, the young wizard adapted better and got more friends during her spell in the said Justin's class, probably due to most of the fellow students are mischievous, similar to herself.

Alex also attended WizTech, a wizard boarding school, for a short period of a summer. However, she never got a chance to receive higher level of wizard training such as monster hunting before she entered the Russo family's wizard competition.

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Some of Alex's wizardry knowledge were acquired by learning from other wizards, such us uncle Kelbo, Professor Crumbs, and T. At first, Alex's attitudes toward these trainings were not differ with her attitudes toward formal schools, but, later on, when she realized the need to keep her wizard powers, she tried to study harder. All of her hard works paid well when Alex finally became family wizard at the end of the series.

Powers Basic Powers Spellcasting: Alex is a mistress in the art of casting spells to cause all kinds of magic effects. Alex can place enchantments to gain temporary powers or activate powers. The powers of the Russo siblings together allow them to enhance the above listed powers. Alex knows how to create or use spells in the exact moments she needs.

Use of Magical Objects: Alex can use magical objects to counter-effects places where normally her powers would be weakened, such as the Guardian Angels Wings to fly to the Dark Angels HQ or the Bermuda Shorts to neutralize the magnetic forces of Bermuda Triangle.

Alex has a natural affinity for the magic of the four classic elements as she could use element-based spells in the premature Wizard Competition. Creation of Alternative Realities: If in possession of powerful artifacts such as the family wand, Alex can create alternative timelines. Being the Russo Family Wizard, Alex's magical capabilities have been greatly enhanced.

Without her wand, Alex is shown to have combat skills as she was using against her evil self. Vulnerabilities Despite her skills in wizardry and magic, Alex is far from invincible: Like other wizards, Alex's spells are useless against plastic. When Alex has no wand, her powers are a lot weaker. She can still perform magic, but just not as strong. For example, when trying to persuade her mother into making her go to a party with wand less magic, her mother quickly resists.

She then groans, saying it didn't have "enough juice". Theresa is a kind and caring mother, but Alex sometimes thinks she is too strict, especially towards magic something that Theresa hates.

In other hand, Alex has a closer relationship with her father, who does not think of her as much of a pain as her mother does.

daniel samonas and selena gomez dating

Jerry's tolerance towards his daughter is perhaps due to his own experience as a former wizard. Even so, Jerry sometimes make fun of Alex's reckless behaviors or the ridiculous results of them.

Justin is the exact opposite of Alex in many ways so they don't often get along with each other really well. However, they acknowledge their affection to each other on many occasions. They also always help each other during difficult situations, which were often started by Alex. Because of his "random" nature, Max is in "neutral" position with his siblings, makes him get along with Alex for much of the time. Alex shows her care towards Max in several opportunities, including her support to Max when he has his first girlfriend Nancy Lukey.

Harper Finkle, Alex' best friend, move on to live with the Russos when her parents leaves to other country. She has been considered as a member of the Russo family since. It is happened many times in the show that Alex has gotten annoyed of her family due to big personality differences with them. In the end though, she ends up realize that she actually loves her family a lot since they always accept and support her as herself. Friends Harper Finkle is Alex's best friend, and is considered as a sister by her acknowledged in "Third Wheel".

They have been friends since kindergarten. Alex turns to Harper in times of trouble or when she has to take important decisions, which shows that Alex trust Harper so much. In turn, Alex often helps Harper by using her cunning ideas or wizard powers Alex reveals her family wizard power to Harper in "Harper Knows".

Harper also seems to be protected from bullies in school since they fear Alex. It is clear that even though the two are very close, they have many personality differences. Harper is a good student with a perfect attendance, while Alex is an infamous delinquent student and detention room regular. Harper "unique" fashion sense also often annoys Alex, who is an avid fashion magazines reader herself. So, it's no wonder that the two friends fight sometimes.

However, they patch up again in the ends when they realize that those differences unite them in actual. For instance, Alex once tries to stop Harper to befriend Gigi, a bratty girl, since she knows Gigi's real intention is to crown Harper as the biggest loser in a party.

The incident caused a feud between the two, but Alex saves Harper just in time, and Gigi's plan backfires. In other occasion, Harper feels sad and jealous when Alex befriends Stevie Nichols, another young wizard. When Alex later learns that Stevie's plan is to use her in an evil scheme, she apologizes to Harper for ignoring her. Harper is attracted to Justin, Alex's brother, throughout first half of the series, but Alex does not show any effort to help her.

This happens perhaps because Alex knows that Justin does not love Harper in turn, or simply because she does not want to see her best friend dates his brother similar instance with Tutor, a highly likable Elf liked by both Alex and Justin in "My Tutor, Tutor". When Harper later on turns her love interest to Zeke Beakerman, Alex is highly supportive to the point she become a "matchmaker" for the couple.

Alex also befriends other young wizards, such as T. Taylor later on becomes enemyHugh Normous, and Felix. It is worth mentioned that Felix seems to have some feelings to the cute Alex. Love interests Riley Brian Kubach, season 1 — Riley was Alex's main love interest in the first season. The date doesn't go as planned causing Riley leaves the restaurant scared and creeped out. Riley makes his second appearance in "The Supernatural" with Alex still having a crush on him.

In this episode, Alex manipulates Riley into thinking that she is his good luck by charms Riley's baseball game so that his team could wins. Riley makes his final appearance in "Alex's Spring Fling" where they have become a couple, but when Alex gets jealous every time Riley looks at another girl, they break up.

Riley and Alex get back together at the end of the episode, but they break up sometime afterward, as Riley never appears again. Brad Sherwood Shane Lyons, season 1, "Potion Commotion" — Alex falls to Brad's attentive personality which is just a pretend in actualbut Brad does not love her back.

She then tries to get Brad to like her with a love potion, but she accidentally drinks both halves of the potion and falls in love with herself.

daniel samonas and selena gomez dating

At the end of the episode, Alex realizes Brad's dishonest intention, and then left him. However, Manny develops a feeling towards Alex and can not be changed back to a mannequin as the result. Alex tries to solve this problem by introducing Calico Woman, another doll brought to life, to Manny in hope that the two will fall in love.