Dating with gemini man and sagittarius woman

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dating with gemini man and sagittarius woman

The Sagittarius woman is notorious for wearing her heart on her sleeve. She goes into every relationship wishing, and hoping, and praying for the best while. This is exactly what a Gemini man does to a Sagittarius woman. Together they When going on a date with the Gemini man, be prepared for anything. He might. Gemini and Sagittarius have this strange approach to sex, childish and light as if they don't really care about it. When they get together, they usually get strangely.

A Sagittarius woman also knows how to be a good listener and is really interested in what the other side has to say. The Sagittarius woman is always enthusiastic about new information that will expand her worldview. Her enthusiasm sometimes knows to cross the borders. A Sagittarius woman shines with her appearance and leaves men hypnotized.

dating with gemini man and sagittarius woman

She loves fun, adventures, and is a great idealist. The Sagittarius woman observes the world around her, and if the Gemini man is the right man for her, she will want to become an integral part of his life. If the Gemini man is not the right one for her, expect the reverse scenario.

Therefore, the Gemini man does not need to be surprised if the Sagittarius woman flees from him, while he tries to get her in every possible way and conquer her heart. A post shared by Gentlemen's Choice gentlemenschoice on Dec 3, at 6: The Gemini man needs to know these characteristics of the Sagittarius woman because whatever he does, he will not be able to change her.

If Gemini is the man with whom she decides to stay for a long time, he must be the one who will leave her to breathe, and that is a big reason for Sagittarius woman to "plant" her roots. A Gemini man must get out with her, he needs to show her the places he likes, and he has never been before.

When the Sagittarius woman begins to share all her interests and adventures with the Gemini man, then he will find out that he is on the right path to conquering her heart.

Mercury makes the Gemini man talkative, and they are highly intelligent people. Meanwhile, Jupiter brings happiness and philosophy to the life of the Sagittarius woman and creates a thirst for continuous learning and finding the truth.

A post shared by Gentlemen's Choice gentlemenschoice on Dec 11, at 4: The Gemini man and Sagittarius woman are extremely compatible and any "unevenness" that would arise while building their relationship can be "leveled off" with least effort made by both of them. The Gemini man is quite ready at any moment to experiment and engage in experiencing new things and to give the Sagittarius woman the necessary freedom that she needs in their marriage or love relationship because the Gemini man himself has the same need.

The Sagittarius woman needs physical freedom, which means that she wants to be independent of her partner in the decisions when and why she wants to go out to see a friend, while the Gemini man needs mental, psychological independence, but basically, their need is the same.

dating with gemini man and sagittarius woman

A Gemini man and a Sagittarius woman are the couple who have the attraction of experiencing new adventures and meeting new people. The couple Gemini-Sagittarius want surprises, sensations and it is more than certain that they will spend their time together in various adventures.

Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

A post shared by Gentlemen's Choice gentlemenschoice on Aug 15, at 3: In addition to being great lovers in a perfect marriage, the Sagittarius woman and the Gemini man are great friends. Could Be A Great Match! I'm a sag dec16 my fiance is a gem june4 we where high school sweethearts and when he ask me 21 years ago to married him, I broke up with him dont ask me whynow we are engaged to be married and I wont back out this time. I really love him and always did. I'm a Sag woman 17 Dec in a weird and wonderful relationship with a Gemini man 12 June.

One moment he is madly I love with me and the next we're polar worlds apart. Not really sure where this is heading???? I'm a Sag girl who is crazy about a Gemini guy. We knew each other as friends and one day wind up exploring things a little more. Well, the sex is off the meter I think so very highly of him because when he's not moody, he's the sweetest, most thoughtful, generous and fun person to be around.

We can talk about anything and he listens very well. On the other hand When we mend fences Love him to death but really could do without his wishy washy ways and I think he could do without my feisty mouth at times too. Overall, I think we'd be great together if we both tried at the same time. I was with a Gemini for 13 years and had two children with him. He never married me, was one of the most selfish people I have ever met.

He would never admit to anything in a million years and was self-absorbed beyond belief. He did everything to woo me. I ignored him the first time I met him as I got side tracked and forgot about him.

He wanted me to move in, then have children. I didn't instigate anything, but loved him, so was happy to carry on.

dating with gemini man and sagittarius woman

When my children were born he took it very badly. He hated being disturbed, he never helped me during the night with my children and he resented his world being changed. I know quite a few Geminis all of which have been attracted to me. I think some people are afflicted with really heavy planets and others have the more positive side going on. I have made a friend with a younger man who is a gemini. He has a lovely bubbly personality. A great communicator, warm and very sweet, he cheers me up so much.

I keep my distance from him as I love the way we miss each other and don't want to lose him as a friend. We made love once and it was amazing. It took my breath away literally. We are meeting again and I feel energy between us leading up to it. Its quite strange but in a good way. I am not looking for a relationship so it is nice to have positive feelings, but not having to do anything with them other than accept that they are good and cherish them.

It sex was as good as the Scorpio intimacy I have had, if not better and that is saying something, but with more genuine friendship behind it, rather than games.

Although my first Scorpio boyfriend was madly in love with me and did not play games - just to set the record straight. I think sex with all the Gemini's I have been with has been pretty wonderful. Anyway, my advice is and this is how I am going to be with all signs - Just be really busy and focus on your life and don't see people all of the time even if you are dying to. I have naturally found this out through being genuinely busy as I am virtually all of the time and it has made us closer somehow.

I am tired of being hurt so I am going to stand back from things more and let others make the effort for me. When the right man comes along I will marry him, but until that happens I am happy doing all of the things I am involved in now, which are for my own growth and progression through life.

I get to be intimate with my true young Gemini friend, as no sex would probably drive me bonkers, so I feel in balance. What they are like when you first meet, is not necessarily what you are going to end up with. Actually a lot of men are like that. My last boyfriend a Leo was totally guilty of that.

The Lazy streak really came out. Out of 13 years with my past Gemini, 1. Mine was extremely negative though. A nicer one I can imagine would make a great partner. We had sex all the time for 13 years without fail. The attraction was dynamite and it is true how this keeps couples together. Good luck to you all.

dating with gemini man and sagittarius woman

Im a sag women and he is Gemini man. He is 11 years older than me. But Im in a relationship with an older man thats 21 years older then me we live together. The Gemini man knows about the other man. I love them both but I think about the Gemini man all time.

I wants him to ask me to marry him but t never comes up. I love the older man ,too. He ask me to marry him but I want the Gemini man instead. We get along together great have great great sex and good coversion but I can call him like 2 days later for more sex and he Make up some lame excuse either he is busy or something.

Ive know him for 3 years now. I need to know if there is something there or should I just leave him alone or should I wait? I am a Sagittarius woman who is "dating" or has been seeing a Gemini guy for the last 3 months. I can honestly say that he is the most amazing person.

Gemini male Sagittarius female compatibility

And as I have noticed with some of the other comments The sex is outstanding!!!! We seem to connect on so many levels that it actually scares me a little. I am a sag woman married to a Gemini man for 11 years. Talks and never follows through. Makes excuses for everything,or simply turns it into my fault.

Ignores cold,hard facts, and dodges the truth in order to not be responsible for ANY issues. NO SEX for the entire marriage, and gets angry with me for "harassing" him. Roller Coaster first all. He is unpredictable fun an emergency all in one. So bored I never I'm. Good luck finding the one that for you. We only had my daughter from another marriage that lived with us.

My Gemini doesn't follow thru with anything. He is very controlling at times.

Gemini and Sagittarius - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

He cant make decisions but always changes the decisions that I make. He makes time for himself but never wants me to have time to myself. There are too many things that I dislike about him to marry him right now.

He will have to change or at least meet in the middle before I will marry him. He is a very good hearted guy. I know he loves me but he has a very hard time trying to show me that he loves me.

Our sex life is the best I have ever had. But after 5 yrs together he still doesn't know ME. He acts like a child a lot. In many many ways. For now no marriage! I'm a sag, he's a gemini. I can definitely see the twins in him. He has opened up to me emotionally a little, I think I'm a refuge in his crazy life.

If we argue on the phone, I'm secretly cracking up on the other end because its a power struggle, we're both learning about each others likes and dislikes.

I do the same thing. Sag's and Gem's are both sarcastic so its so much fun. Keep an open mind and have fun but be real and honest. He told me bluntly he's testing me and I told him just what he can do with those tests. LOL we havent had sex yet, so I don't know how thats going to be. Sometimes I think he's cheating but other times I know he's sold on me.

dating with gemini man and sagittarius woman

Wish me luck ya'll. He fell bang in love with me from word go which freaked me out abit. I then doubted him in certain areas and told him so. He was devestated and we split. He started walking past my house etc trying to get my attention eventually he approached me and told me how he missed me etc, so we sorted things back out.

I then lol never heard from him again. He told my friend the same evening he had met someone else? I am now left wondering if the whole love thing was lies, if he is lying about seeing another to hurt me. Or if he just wanted some control back and has it so has gone. I am left utterley confused to the point I snapped my sim card and never want to see him again. I feel hurt and utterley rejected. I have this sneeky suspicion he is trying to make me suffer and will just reapear in a week or so, but im now too hurt to go near him again.

Sagittarius Woman – Gemini Man

I have never been with such a confusing man ever!! I feel he's sulking but he is playing havok with my analysing mind" I cant concentrate on my degree or anything, this man has to go Hello everyone! Hahaha,all the posts from all us Sagi's with our Gemini men I am a Sag engaged to a Gemini man. Been together for a year. Must say it feels more like 10 years. All I can say is that I am not living with one person,I am living with about diferent personalities!

Just be yourself without looking "beyond" as us Sag's tend to do. If i't good it's great,but if it's bad it's terrible,that is true My man adores me and when the other "parties" make their appearance I try not to pay too much attention. His good side make up for the other personalities. I ahve only been seeing my Gemini for about a month now, and already I feel like I walked into a Tornado! I wasn't even really interested in him at first, I somewhat thought he was rather annoying!

Although I have no regrets I mst say I'm not use to a guy not always calling always texting or always being around me, but I guess Sag's really don't like that anyway we tend to walk all over clingy people! Aries gemini I met his family on date My Gemini is 11 yrs older than me and has been married and divorced! He went from asking when am I gonna see you again to being in his lil bubble, to telling me that he doesn't see any change and that he still likes me and when or if he doesn't he will let me kn ow!

Sag's question everything we cannot stand to not know if someone is like head over heels for us, and Gemini is not gonna give you that all the time, it will be fleeting moments,and come as a surpeise to ou, ou don't know wether they are coming or going but when they are away you miss them like crazy, He said I love you and I never said anything back, he talked about marriage and children and I just went along with what he was saying. He always says time means nothing and when you know you know, he cllaims that he doenst need to be dating someone for 1 yr or beyond to know if he wants to spend the rest of his life with them.

He does say he wants to be married again and have 2 more children. They do not seem to agree on who should do what and when. While these two have things in common; neither of them are motivated enough and thus cannot seem to motivate each other very well either.

They both know very well how to procrastinate and put things on the back burner that really should get done promptly. They absolutely have no problem putting off important situations in order to have a good time.

Though she may down play the seriousness of it and this could cause an argument or two. That is how something gets done. These two can actually find quite a deep bonding if they care to do the work that this relationship will require. Both signs are slow to commit but if they are both willing to do so, they can actually work things out on a level that will allow them to grow together. In fact, their sexual intimacy could help them understand each other that much better. There are sparks in the bedroom with these two and they are both open to new adventures which helps them to be closer than many couples.