Defence and security review uk dating

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defence and security review uk dating

The strategic defence and security review (SDSR) will shape British week which sees the release of three important insights into UK defence. A Long and Winding Road: The UK's Defence Review Could Last For Some Time Yet the defence element of the National Security Capability Review (NSCR) With no date announced for the MDP's completion, it will soon. Title, Date published. 9th Special Report - The Strategic Defence and Security Review and the National Security Strategy | PDF version 9th Special Report - The .

The Army has agreed to sacrifice much of its heavy artillery and tanks - largely seen as weapons of the Cold War. The RAF has reluctantly put forward options to cut its fleet of fast jets - Tornadoes or Harriers - in the hope that they will get the new Joint Strike Fighter instead.

What level of cuts can the armed forces expect?

Strategic Defence and Security Review: Treasury names the date

This will be interpreted by many as a "moral victory" for Liam Fox who had been under huge pressure to make even bigger savings. Image caption The Royal Navy has had to reconsider what is affordable Q: Are any areas protected? Are some more vulnerable than others? The only military hardware safe from the SDSR is the fleet of four Vanguard submarines that carry Britain's trident nuclear deterrent.

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Making It Clear Q: Will the strength of the armed forces and its operations be affected? The strength of the armed forces will inevitably be altered by the SDSR, though the government insists that Britain's commitment to the war in Afghanistan will not be affected.

defence and security review uk dating

The head of the Army - and soon to be Chief of the Defence Staff - Gen Sir David Richards, has mounted a vigorous campaign to avoid large cuts in troop numbers. Initial reports suggested the Army could lose as many as 20, men. But Gen Richards's skilful lobbying appears to have staved off the worst - at least until - the date by which David Cameron says British combat troops will leave Afghanistan.

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In theory the costs of the Afghan war will continue to come out of the Treasury's Special Reserve fund. In practice, the war still swallows up much of the MoD's resources.

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But whoever pays, the government remains committed to the war in Afghanistan. How will the security services be affected by this review? The security services are unlikely to lose out on the scale of the armed services. Counter terrorism operations - which have already received huge injections of cash - will remain a priority.

Whitehall insiders say that in the national security strategy document counter-terrorism is an area considered so vital there are no plans for any significant cuts to the intelligence agencies.

defence and security review uk dating

Featuring for the first time is cyber security, with an emphasis on the need to protect Britain's critical national infrastructure from malicious hacking and on preventing the individual from the growing menace of online cyber crime.

The most substantive announcements are decisions to establish new processes for assessment and policy-making: On the key issues of capability development and prioritisation, the progress report does little more than outline a series of important issues on which decisions still need to be taken: Each of these statements is of interest, and together they provide significant insights into the main themes that the MDP has been considering so far.

defence and security review uk dating

Yet they give no indication of how, or when, the government will answer the strategic questions of resourcing and prioritisation to which they are all related. One of the central weaknesses of the current defence review has been that its central purpose has not been consistent over time.

In its early months, during the summer and autumn ofthe review was simply one element of a broader refresh of the SDSR, designed to make course corrections at the margins, but within the broad framework of capability choices set out in that document.

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Ministers were aware from an early stage that difficult decisions would need to be made to correct budgetary gaps left from the review as a result of slow progress in the delivery of efficiency savings, cost overruns especially in the nuclear programmeand not least an over-ambitious shopping list of new procurement commitments.

By historical standards and helped by the fact that the total defence budget was now rising in real terms, the size of the gap to be closed although significant was not particularly large. Further savings would be needed in the non-equipment budget, especially if service pay began to grow more rapidly than it has during the last seven years.

Closing that gap would not have been easy but it was manageable.

defence and security review uk dating

It would have meant difficult decisions, probably involving some combination of efficiency savings and net capability reductions, perhaps made somewhat easier by some extra cash from the Treasury.

But this was not to be.