Emily haines and james shaw dating

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emily haines and james shaw dating

Metric comprises of leading lady, Emily Haines and James Shaw who initially found the band in after the completion of the band with. Main · Videos; Emily haines and james shaw dating. (carmichael ; luke 33; john –22) to a. It is predictably being the decision-maker. As the frontwoman of Metric, Emily Haines has been rocking stages since the ' 90s. Metric guitarist James Shaw, along with members of the bands Liars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, . You used to date your bandmate, James Shaw.

I started off the interview with just how terrible I am using my video features on my iPhone. You did the Shad video as well with the iPhone X. Yeah, I think so.

emily haines and james shaw dating

I have a good eye and I have a lot of experience with tons of different cameras. At the end of the day, it comes down to framing and lighting. We just paid attention to that while shooting this.

And there were still commonalities in what each of the four members were doing as well right? With the car, the letters, the walking when their bodies are chopped and made into one.

I think a lot of what we were going for is the sense of, it is being everywhere and nowhere in the video, these kind of non-places and that feeling of loneliness that you have of missing the people that make your life.

Emily Haines Was Married All The Time; Who Is Her Husband?

They always find their way in. The process is really enjoyable. The only challenge for me was wrapping my head around trying to make sure that I had all my connected moments where the four frames interact with each other. I had a list written out, so at every shoot I was making sure that okay, at around 1: Yeah, it was really quite tricky when you look more closely at how those interactions happened.

Just trying to wrap my head around the timing of that became a bit of a nightmare, but it worked out amazing. How long did the whole shoot take? I think we started shooting at sundown, so probable 10 until 5 a.

The location is not being revealed. Was it just the editing afterwards?

emily haines and james shaw dating

Kind of a weird question to answer. But that fund was canceled last year [by Bell Media].

Metric (band)

She grew up as a dual citizen of both Canada and the United States. Haines attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver in —, at Toronto inand at Concordia University in Montreal in — She distributed in an early album titled Cut in Half and Also Double with a limited number of copies. The album included songs written and recorded during her student years. UK born Shaw was attending a Boston music school when he befriended singer Torquil Campbell and Chris Seligmanboth future members of the band Stars.

After a three-year classical music education at the institution, Shaw decided that his musical interests lay elsewhere; Shaw and Campbell returned to Toronto. Haines met Shaw in Toronto in ; the two began dating and writing songs together.

In the same year, Shaw released his studio album, Life on the Clock, which featured Haines singing on some songs.

emily haines and james shaw dating

Shaw also moved to Montreal where Haines was living. Incalling themselves Mainstream, the pair self-released a five-song EP titled Mainstream EP with an overall downtempo and electronic feel. Struggling financially during their two-year stay at the loft, Haines and Shaw were erstwhile roommates with future members of the Yeah Yeah YeahsLiars and TV on the Radio. A producer in London listened to the demos they recorded in this period and offered to bring Metric to the UK for a possible record deal.

Eager to escape from the crowded conditions of the loft, Haines and Shaw set off to London in early and signed a publishing deal with Chrysalis Records. The pair tired of recording demos, and in November returned to their Brooklyn loft to put a band together; they recruited Joules Scott-Key a native of Flint, Michigan as their drummer. Grow Up and Blow Away — [ edit ] Main article: Grow Up and Blow Away Metric continued to work on their debut album in the first few months of Haines and Shaw completed the album in April and by this time had found a new label for their release, the L.

The album produced by Shaw was delayed for years by their record label, Restless Records. It was finally released in on Last Gang Records. When the track titled "Rock Me Now" was reworked, it had been stripped of its intro "bubble" sounds, as well as an additional vocal part was added to the bridge.

The title track was also reworked during the chorus, in which, Haines vocalizes "If this is the life, why does it feel so good to die today? In the same year, the band released Static Anonymitya five-song EP which they sold only at Metric performances and on their official site. Metric live at the 9: After recruiting a drummer and a bassist to allow a stronger, more engaging live presence, Metric performed in New York in early spring and late summer They handed out handmade CD-R copies of their unreleased music to fans at shows and by mail, and later gave away the music on the internet.

By the end ofMetric had gained another bandmate: The band then moved to Los Angeles, where they performed locally, often playing at Silverlake Lounge and Spaceland.

emily haines and james shaw dating

In Decemberthe album was certified gold in Canada. The songs "Combat Baby" and "Dead Disco" were released as singles. Metric was featured as themselves in the independent French film, Clean[10] directed by Olivier Assayas and starring Maggie Cheung.

The band performed the song "Dead Disco" in the film and also acted in a short sequence. The album, produced by Shaw, was well received by critics and fans, and eventually went twice platinum in Canada, selling overunits.

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Three singles supported the album' sales: The tracks were reordered and some songs including the title track and "Rock Me Now" were slightly reworked. Throughout the summer offour new songs were road-tested by the band, tentatively named "Black Sheep", "The Hooks", "Stadium Love", and "Up in Flames".

On October that year Metric played a live webcast show on Myspace 's "Hey Play This" programme, playing requests sent in by fans. Fantasies album The band performed in in Canada, Mexico and Brazil while continuing to record their upcoming fourth album.

emily haines and james shaw dating

Fantasies was issued in a standard edition featuring 10 tracksa deluxe edition including 4 more tracksa deluxe edition UK edition including 10 more tracksand later, an Expanded Edition a second disc with 10 tracks. A fusion of new wave and loud rock, [13] Fantasies was generally well received by critics and fans.

Emily Haines Was Married All The Time; Who Is Her Husband?

By it had soldcopies, the band's best selling album so far. Haines and Shaw had performed all ten tracks acoustically the previous September at Union Pool in Brooklyn. Haines and Shaw completed a mini tour of acoustic shows across Canada, with stops in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria in late April with cooperation from local radio stations.

They then headed to Australia for their first Australian tour in early October, and performed a show in Tokyo. The track was the theme for his art exhibition Glorious Excess Diesand later became part of a compilation album set up by Linkin Park's Music for Relief for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

In December that year the band produced a charity T-shirt for the Yellow Bird Project to raise funding to promote musical education across Canada. It was at this event that Haines met Lou Reedleading to later collaborations between the two of them.