Glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating apps

Glee Fanfiction Rachel and Quinn Secretly Dating

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating apps

Rachel falls in love with her best friend Kurt, whom is supposed to be gay, in this tragic love story Two best friends find love they thought they would never. When the summer before senior years starts Rachel received a phone call That had been almost a week ago and the same day she and Finn broke up for good. than her college apps and told her she had to choose, him or camp. . I know people think we are secretly dating or something but were not. Read Relationships from the story Between Us (Lesbian Glee Fanfic) by gleeks69 (loser) with reads. Quinn's secret is her 'Lucy' self, and Santana's is being gay, but b. I slept with Puck to try to get rid of that ended terribly. I say, making sure Rachel doesn't see me wink as she still stands in front of me.

She chooses not to say anything and just waits for Rachel to make up her own mind. Quinn and Rachel start spending more time at her house and she's still oddly jealous. She convinces herself that it's because she doesn't want to lose her best friend but her heart clenches when the two of them kiss when saying goodbye, or hold hands when watching a movie. She starts spending less and less time with Rachel on the weekends but more time with her at school and in Glee and she finds herself observing the way Rachel acts more and more often.

On a Sunday night, she'll get a phone call from Rachel, gushing about the weekend she just spent with Quinn and the dates they went on and the lovely things Quinn said. On a Thursday afternoon Glee practice, Rachel will look near tears and sit as far away from Quinn as possible.

When she becomes so tired of Rachel looking like someone just killed her cat, she approaches Quinn with her best bitch face on.

Why can't you just pull your head out and admit that your head over heels in love with the midget before she comes crying to me again and I'll be forced to rearrange your face", she hisses when she manages to corner Quinn one afternoon. It's a complicated and delicate situation and Rachel fully understands what is going on so please refrain from threatening me. Oh, and as I'm not pregnant anymore, stop calling me Tubbers", she responds, venom dripping from her voice.

You love Rachel and it's painfully obvious to anyone who takes a moment to look at the two of you so do both you and Rach a favour and just come out to Glee club. No one's gonna judge you there" "Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of hypocrisy. You are such a hypocrite Santana Lopez I don't scare easily", she finishes before turning on her heel and walking away. She's left staring after Quinn, wondering when she lost the ground in that conversation.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating apps

The next four months are a blur of Rachel and Quinn's relationship, and she's left standing on the outside looking in. Quinn isn't going to hurt me. We're great together" was followed by "I can't believe I was so stupid. Quinn's never going to be able to admit we're together". She listens to all the grand gestures Quinn's performed, including sneaking into Rachel's back garden and serenading her through the kitchen windows while she washed the dishes, and hears all about their physical relationship, despite the fact that she would prefer to pour acid into her ears.

Mostly, she hears about how Quinn's denial of their relationship cancels out every good thing she does. She knows how Quinn feels because she used to deny that she was in love with Brittany, but she can't bring herself to feel sympathetic towards Quinn even though she's experienced the same thing because the girl Quinn is messing around with is her best friend.

If Quinn were dating anyone else, she'd help her come to terms with herself and the relationship, but it's not anyone else.

It's Rachel and she deserves better. One Friday night, she has the whole of Glee club at her house. Her parents are away for the weekend and the club's celebrating a successful fundraising mission, so she's more than happy to let them all come over.

Quinn has still refused to come out of the closet and it's really starting to bug her. She's sick of the blonde making her best friend unhappy, and the only thing keeping her from launching herself at Quinn is Rachel's pleads to stop. She watches as Quinn gets drunker and drunker girl has never been able to hold her liquor while Rachel remains sober as it's her turn as the designated driver and just knows that this isn't going to end well. Eventually, Quinn presses her lips against Puck's, and she watches as Rachel's eyes fill with tears and Lauren who has recently decided she wants to get back with Puck looks ready to kill the blonde.

She steps in and pulls Quinn and Rachel out of harm's way, depositing them in the kitchen so that they can solve their issues.

She didn't expect it to turn into a full on screaming match that could be heard from the other room, and she didn't expect all the Gleeks to stop what they were doing and listen in with fascination. It's one thing to not want to come out with our relationship but it's another thing entirely to kiss someone else" "God Rachel, I'm drunk and Puck was there.

It didn't mean anything. I love you", Quinn slurs, her voice already a touch defensive. We've been going out for six months and no one but Santana even knows we're together. You need to make a decision — we come out to the Glee club or we break up" "Rachel, baby, please don't do this. We can survive anything because we're Rachel and Quinn.

You're the first person I've ever truly loved" "I can't do this anymore. This relationship isn't good for me. I need someone who is able to admit that they are dating me, someone who is willing to be linked with me in public without worrying about what other people will think and I need someone who is willing to stand up for me" "Rach, I do all those things" "Only in private — in the security of our own homes, you are the most amazing girlfriend I could have wished for, but out in public That's all you need to say, Quinn, and I'm yours", she whispers softly in her girlfriend's ear.

I'm sorry Quinn; I just can't do this anymore" "I understand", she replies. I love you like I've never loved Puck or Finn or Sam and I honestly believed that was enough to get us through, but I just can't be this person.

I can't be in love with another woman, because no matter how accepting I am of other people, I can't accept it for me" The Gleeks fall silent as the conversation in the kitchen becomes quieter and she, Santana freaking Lopez, finds herself with tears in her eyes over the heartbreak of her best friend. All she's wanted since Rachel and Quinn got together was for them to break up but now that it's happening, she's devastated for Rachel.

Silently, she walks upstairs to her bedroom and waits for Rachel to join her. The next couple of months are hellish. She had thought Rachel was bad after the epic Finchel break-up in the Christmas tree lot but that was nothing compared to the fallout from the Faberry break-up. It's made worse because Quinn keeps shooting Rachel apologetic looks and the rest of the Glee kids don't know how to mind their own business and are continually pestering Rachel for information on their relationship as well as the break-up.

The two months after the break-up are hellish for her too. She's on permanent ice-cream duty, which means she has to buy ice-cream whenever Rachel texts her, and she spends most of her nights sleeping next to Rachel in her bed, trying her hardest to keep her hands to herself. She hates how Quinn has so much power over Rachel, even after their break-up, but she loves the fact that Rachel needs her more than ever now.

By the time three months have passed, Quinn's back on the boy wagon, stepping out with Sam on her arm Quinn's decided that the feelings she had for Rachel were a one-off and that there is no way she's into girls and Rachel's smiling more and more often. In fact, she'd say that Rachel is pretty much over it, although she's waiting for her best friend to confirm it before she'd place money on it.

There's none of those lingering feelings Rachel had for Finn, and she's sure that it's because Rachel got to end the relationship this time, instead of having no say over it. And now she's just biding her time, waiting for Rachel to be happy and over Quinn before she makes her move. She's totally in love with Rachel, and it's scaring the hell out of her because she seems to always fall for her best friend imagine if she'd chosen Kurt as her best friend, which she was considering for a couple of days but she kind of likes the way her heart beats faster when Rachel's around.

She just hopes she doesn't have to wait forever because Rachel may be worth it, but she's still impatient as hell. I listened to you complaining about Quinn and how much she was hurting you for six freaking months and didn't say anything because no matter what I said, you would just insist that she loved you.

I'm sick of listening to it because no matter how much she loved you, it wasn't enough to come public with your relationship. She's Quinn Fabray, Rach, she could have shaved her head and the school would have still loved her. She survived a pregnancy scandal and lived to tell the tale because she's the golden girl.

More Than Just Friends Chapter 1: A SHARED SECRET, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

She was outed as a fraud that changed her entire body and bullied people even though she knew what it felt like and they still worshiped her.

She could have easily announced she was dating you and no one would have questioned it" she yells, her voice rising at the end as the anger overtakes her.

She would do all these grand gestures that you swooned over but they weren't all that grand. She serenaded you at your back window so no one could see when you thrive on attention. She'd hold your hand when no one was looking and you'd just fall over yourself because Quinn Fabray was touching you.

Your entire relationship was a Quinn Fabray production, with no displays of affection, and the constant "teasing but not pleasing" thing. Hell, she treated you worse than her boyfriends because even though she treated them like crap, at least she admitted she was with them" "Santana, she loved me" "Sure, she loved you, in her own twisted way.

I mean, I don't let anyone close to me but at least I made an effort to come out when I thought I was in love with Brittany. She didn't even try and make you happy, even though it was the one thing you asked of her" "Santana, please" "No, it's my turn to talk and you're going to listen. The night you broke up, you said that you needed someone who could admit they were dating you, someone who was willing to be linked with you in public without caring what people thought and someone who was willing to stand up for you.

That person's been right in front of you all along" "What do you mean?

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating apps

In fact, I've been claiming you as mine for the last year and I honestly don't care what anyone had to say about it. I've stood up for you when Quinn treated you like crap and I've defended you when the Glee club wants to throw you to the dogs. If you gave me a freaking chance to prove myself, I'd shout that I loved you from the freaking rooftops" "You defended me to Quinn?

I have a habit of picking the girls in love with other people" "No one's ever defended me before, not to Finn, not to Jesse and especially not to Quinn. I'm in the city so I can stop by now to grab it I just got home. Finn laughed, reaching into the fridge for a beer. I've got nothing else to do right now anyway. How do you not have any plans? To two lame people in their 20s with no plans on a Saturday night. Rachel laughed and clinked her bottle neck with his before taking a sip. Hope it's better than that loser she was dating.

Rachel laughed and rolled her eyes. He was such a jerk to her. My exes haven't been that bad. Finn shot her a look of disbelief. You haven't had such great choices either.

Finn chuckled, but ignored her statement. It was still pretty early and she'd still be able to catch a train to get home. You wanna go there? Finn peaked over before he started laughing. Has that even worked for you anyway? You wine and dine 'em, get them in the bed and never call em again. Well it's not all true I call them sometimes. Finn laughed, getting up and pulling her up from the couch.

We'll talk about your dating life on the way to dinner. We were leaving the restaurant, and I turned back and she grabbed my water bottle off the table and put it in her bag. She didn't think I saw her do it I was just like uh I left and I just never called her again. She was texting me like once or twice a day He sent the photo and then typed in a text afterwards.

How's the date going? She texted back just moments later. So jealous you guys are hanging out without me! Whoaaaa from a scale of 1 to Finn, how cute is he?. Finn chuckled as he sent the text. I want to hear all about it. Don't have too much fun without me ; "Finn, you're crazy. It's already 11 pm. You know it takes like an hour for me to get home.

Come on - let's just go get one more drink. Rachel sighed, but followed him in. It was nearly 1 am when they got back to Finn's apartment. Rachel laughed and opened one of the containers - of course they made their famous sugar cookies. It was from her dad where she learned to make the delicious cookies, and they were certainly Finn's favorites.

Rachel laughed, also taking a bite out of 1. She looked at him suspiciously and handed him her phone. Finn laughed, moving some hair away from her face. But your pics are beautiful, Rachel. Just don't let people know how crazy you really are, okay? Rachel giggled, resting her hands on his shoulders. Rachel laughed tilting her head to the side and before she knew it, her lips lightly glazed against Finn's. They both froze, looking at each other.

They were mere inches apart from each other, and neither of them could really say how they ended up in this position. Finn wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but his tongue was swirling around Rachel's mouth and he just wanted His hands snaked onto her legs up to her thighs as he continued to explore her mouth. She moaned lightly into his mouth as he grabbed her hips. He pulled her off the counter, letting her wrap her legs around his waist, never taking his mouth off hers.

He walked them towards his room, hands still holding her up before he dropped her gently on the bed, moving himself on top of her. They kissed for what seemed like hours before they started pulling each other's clothes off. He aligned himself to her entrance and pushed himself inside, taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of her walls wrapping tightly around his member. The gasp that escaped her mouth told him she needed a minute to adjust to his size. He intertwined their fingers together and slowly began moving in and out of her.

Her moans became more frequent, pushing him further to increase his speed. His head dipped down to her neck, sucking on the skin before moving back to her mouth. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, and before he even knew it, they were both at their breaking point, moaning out with their releases. Rachel woke up the next morning first with a slight headache. She slowly began to recall the events of the night before. Her eyes popped open and found herself naked, under the covers, in Finn's bed, with his arm wrapped around her waist.

Did she just sleep with Finn Hudson? No no no no no. He must have felt her panic because she felt him shift in the bed next to her. What did we do His arm was still wrapped around her waist and he gave her a small smirk. How could we have done this! I guess it just happened? We drank probably a little more than we should have It didn't seem like either one of them was flirting or made a move Rachel's phone rang, and she quickly jumped out of bed, forgetting she was naked to retrieve her phone from her bag that was so delicately placed on Finn's floor.

She sighed before answering. She looked down realizing she was naked and tried to cover herself up with her free hand. What the heck, where are you? Finn chuckled to himself, getting out of bed, looking around for his boxers, giving Rachel a pretty great view of his body.

He put on his boxers and grabbed his t-shirt, throwing it towards her. I thought we could go have brunch! Are you coming home anytime soon? I'm heading out of here in a few I should be home by Rachel glanced over at him, shaking her head no.

Oh my god, if Quinn ever finds out We can't ever tell her, okay? This was just a one time thing. It's definitely not happening again. Growing up, her and Quinn were always somewhat different. Quinn was tall with beautiful straight blonde hair, while Rachel was just a little shorter, with voluminous brunette curls. Quinn was head cheerleader, and Rachel, following in the footsteps of her dad, was Captain of the Glee Club. The two didn't seem like they would be likely friends - but they were the best of friends.

When boys started coming into the picture, they were lucky that they didn't have the same taste in guys. But there was one guy that was always in the picture. He was part of their trio and they loved him. They were small, school girl crushes - and it seemed like the girls took turned developing crushes on him. He never knew about any of it, though.

And then one day, Quinn kissed him. He obliged almost a little too willingly and it was never really spoken about again.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating apps

But, this small interaction with Finn caused Quinn and Rachel to not speak each other for weeks. It was a horrible time for the both of them and when they finally made up, they made a promise that Finn Hudson would be completely off limits. No boy would ever be worth getting in the way of their friendship. Rachel was so lost in her thoughts, that she forgot she was sitting at brunch with Quinn - where she was supposed to be listening intently while Quinn went through every detail of her date from the night before.

She kept talking, but Rachel honestly had no idea what she was saying. Her mind was on Finn. She could still feel his lips all over her body. How the hell was she supposed to tell Quinn what happened? Are you even listening? It was clear her date did not go as well. He should have at least offered you the bed. Too bad it won't be one of us. Rachel knew there was no way she could tell Quinn and she most certainly knew she couldn't let it happen again.

At least, she thought it wouldn't happen again. Here she was - a few weeks later, on New Years in Finn's bed after midnight. Quinn went home for the holidays, and Rachel's dads decided to pay her a visit in the city. They went out to dinner on New Year's Eve, and insisted of course that Finn come along since he was practically family.

After dinner, Rachel joined Finn at his coworker's enclosed rooftop party which just so happened to have a great view of the ball dropping in Times Square. They were doing so well - keeping things platonic, until midnight struck. She stood next to him as everyone counted down And then SHE kissed him. Square on the mouth. She meant it to be an innocent kiss, but then he quickly deepened it, leaving them both breathless and extremely hot and bothered.

Fast forward it twenty minutes and one cab ride later, they were undressing each other back at his apartment and Finn found himself deep inside of Rachel twice that night. Rachel kept waiting for it to feel weird - this wasn't supposed to happen between her and Finn. For some reason, it felt a little too natural, and just a little too normal.

She moved closer to him, her hand resting on his chest, her nails softly running back and forth across his skin. In return his hand snaked around her waist, keeping her close to him. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and he could see the conflict in them. Finn looked on, completely amused and intrigued. And Quinn came crying to you and you gave her her first kiss? We didn't speak to each other for nearly weeks because of it. Especially not you, Finn Hudson. You're the one boy who means the most to both of us Things have changed since then Even just after her last date that didn't go well Rachel gasped and tried to move out of his embrace, which he only tightened.

Finn bursted out in laughter. He was so freaking handsome. She felt the heat between their bodies and just wanted him inside of her. What was wrong with her! You're the only best friend I want to do this with. Rachel stared up at him with soft eyes. She blamed it on him being a guy - who would turn down sex? She shook her head now, and without even realizing it, she opened her legs just a little wider.

Because it doesn't feel wrong? She wrapped her legs around his waist as one of his hands found her breast, squeezing gently and pulling on her nipple. She still couldn't believe this was Finn on top of her - pleasuring her to ways she could barely understand.

The thought alone pushed her over to the edge and she was in ecstasy in just a matter of seconds. Finn came soon after and they both laid there in silence, wondering why it took them this long to get to this place. Instead of spending the rest of day in bed, they continued their annual tradition of brunch on New Year's Day.

Quinn was usually there, but today, it was just the two of them. Their conversation flowed as it regularly did, and if it weren't for the slight glances, touches of the hand, and some under the table footsie, it felt like nothing changed and they were just what they always were - best friends.

They ended up back at his apartment after brunch, lounging around on the couch. How did she ever watch a movie with him before without wanting to hug and kiss every part of him?

Glee Fanfiction Rachel and Quinn Secretly Dating

She was currently laying on the couch, tucked into his side, with her head on his chest. It felt normal - like this is where she belonged. The unlocking of the front door brought her out of her distractions as a blonde male entered the apartment.

She froze instantly unsure of what to do. Oh - hey Rachel! Was he surprised to see Rachel there, or just surprised to see how close they were? Her heart was racing beyond control. Gosh - he was a really happy guy, wasn't he? It sad hilarious - pretty sure they got frost bite. Went to brunch this morning and that's about it really. Not as exciting as your night. I'm gonna go shower and stuff. I need a nap. They both nodded and he walked towards his room. Finn and Rachel glanced at each other, Finn leaning down to kiss her forehead, giving her a reassuring smile.

He walked her to the door later as she was getting ready to head back to her apartment. They were both just standing there and Finn realized he had to say something, or at least, it seemed like she wanted him to. She gave him a small smile. Finn kissed her back softly, enjoying the taste and feel of her lips against his.

If you don't want to do this anymore, we can pretend like it never happened Keeping a secret is actually a lot harder than most people think. Especially for Rachel - since she lived with Quinn and was used to sharing every aspect of her life with her. Two weeks after New Years, the three of them were getting together to watch a new movie that just came out.

Quinn organized it, and Rachel thought Finn wouldn't come because it the movie didn't seem like usual type of movie he would watch, so she was surprised when Quinn told her he was coming when they were on the train heading to the movie theater. Quinn knew she was lying, but as she went to press on, Finn walked over to the girls, looking like he just ran there from the train which was a few blocks away. Finn laughed and put his arm around Quinn's shoulder. Rachel followed in behind.

How rude - he barely even said hello to her. They grabbed some snacks and headed in for their seats, with Quinn sitting in the middle, and Finn and Rachel on either side of her. She kept hearing Finn whisper to Quinn throughout the previews and she found herself getting a bit jealous. What the heck was wrong with her?

She pushed it out of her mind and focused on the movie ahead of her. When I read the book, I had no idea who the killer actually was until the end. I was quite surprised. I feel like I haven't seen you in so long! My kids are really good this year. Rachel glanced at Finn, quite interested in his answer here. What happened to that guy you went on a date with?

Every guy here is after just one thing. Are you on that dating app, like Rachel? Who knows - maybe I'll get back on it tonight. Finn rolled his eyes and turned back to Quinn. Honestly, you just have to look in places you wouldn't expect to look.

There are so many guys out there who would love to date you and you just don't see them. They could be right in front of you for all you know. Did she pick something up between her and Finn? I think Finn was flirting with me tonight. I didn't think anything of it, it's just Finn. I felt like he was talking to me all night. And then he said there could be a guy right in front of your face who wants to date you.

I think he was talking about himself. What do you think about that? No matter how cute, or sweet, or smart he is They got to their apartment and Rachel feigned tiredness, going to her room. She looked at her phone and saw a message from Finn.

You looked really pretty tonight. Am I going to see you soon? She smiled a little at the message before responding. You just saw me, Finn.