Gossip girl chuck and vanessa dating

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gossip girl chuck and vanessa dating

On Gossip Girl, which thankfully returned last night, the bed-hopping is Vanessa, and Serena; Vanessa's slept with Nate, Dan, and Chuck;. Find out what happened to Chuck, Blair and the rest of the UES gang in the CW Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman reveals his favorite Blair looks Also popping up for quick cameos were Jessica Szohr as Vanessa, Arrow's Katie . Vanessa Abrams is a fictional character in the Gossip Girl (novel series). She is portrayed by . Chuck tries to bribe Vanessa into giving her the tape, but she tricks him and takes his money anyway. The next day, Nate takes Vanessa on a 'surprise date' where he tells her she should take the SATs just to ensure that she.

You were kind of the worst. The cops are looking for the duo and their friends and family are covering for them. Yay for the return of Eleanor and Cyrus! Chuck and Blair meet up with his Uncle Jack Desmond Harrington, as creepily awesome as ever and Chuck admits he didn't help his father.

To protect Chuck, Jack says the two should get married so Blair can have "spousal privilege. Chuck and Blair go to the movies. You said you never wanted us to be boring; we definitely aren't now," Blair says to Chuck, referencing his infamous season-two speech.

The pair bring their family and friends together for a quick service. Chuck brings back the pair's iconic "three words, eight letters," while Blair goes with, "One word, three letters: Alas, it ends a lot less dramatically than you'd expect: Bart's death is being ruled an accident. True love finally prevails! Vote for the best drama of ! So who was behind the site that spread nasty rumors and gossip and controlled our gang's lives for six years, leaving them forever nervous to check their phones every time they went off in fear that it was yet another Gossip Girl blast?

It's a Wonderful Lie

Dan "Lonely Boy" Humphrey! So how do we learn Dan was "pulling the strings" all along? By that point, that relationship had run its course. Instead, it seemed like the only point of Rufus and Ivy's relationship was so Dan could walk in on them.

No one needed to see that. Serena and Carter Serena and Carter would never have lasted, even if Dan wasn't her endgame. However, it wouldn't have been the worst thing to have Blake Lively and Sebastian Stan's characters together longer.

Vanessa Abrams

Carter really tried to show Serena that he changed and tried to redeem himself. He started out as someone she would not be with and he had his problems.

However, when they were together, he showed he'd changed despite others conspiring to try to prove otherwise.

gossip girl chuck and vanessa dating

He was at his best and wanted to take responsibility for his past actions when he was with her. Lying about knowing where her father was wasn't the right move, but it's still better than being Gossip Girl. Nate and Jenny If ever a relationship never should have progressed beyond a one-sided crush, it's this one.

It all started when Nate mistook her for Serena because of a mask at a ball. After that, the two became friends and that was where their relationship should have stayed. Instead, after he moved into the Humphreys' loft in season 2, he and Jenny got closer and eventually briefly dated.

gossip girl chuck and vanessa dating

Vanessa took a letter he wrote meant for Jenny. In return, Jenny planned to get revenge by giving Vanessa an unlined dress to wear at a ball.

It was childish and probably never would have happened, if not for Nate and Jenny moving past her crush. Oh, and let's not forget why Jenny decided to go to Chuck. She tried and failed to get back together with Nate. Rufus and Lily Anyone else wondering why Rufus and Lily didn't end up together? He would have been the better option for her than William.

Gossip Girl 3x05 Blair & Chuck and Nate and Bree on a double date

She would have made more sense than Lisa Loeb. Sure, their children got married, but even if Rufus and Lily had gotten back together, they weren't related. Yes, Lily's relationship with Bart got in the way of them being together more than once. Having them finally get together was the right move by Gossip Girl.

The drama that followed as Lily hid her cancer treatments and William tried to win her back wasn't either.

gossip girl chuck and vanessa dating

However, for the most part, they were good together and it's just too bad that they couldn't reconcile. Blair and Prince Louis Blair and Prince Louis' relationship was just one of the many roadblocks in the way of the show's endgame. Blair and Chuck were clearly going to end up together. Having Blair be with a prince wasn't going to change that. In fact, having her date Prince Louis wasn't even a problem. Blaire and Prince Louis' had a sweet relationship, but you could tell Blaire wasn't truly in-love with Louis.

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Why this couple hurt the series is that they got married. Blair actually went through with the wedding, even after a Gossip Girl blast including her love for Chuck.

At the very least, that video should have meant the end of that royal relationship. The fact that it didn't and all the drama that resulted from it including Blair's pregnancy and Louis paying Chuck's therapist made it a painful storyline. Eric and Jonathan There were few same-sex couples on Gossip Girl.

In the first season, Eric came out and he dated Asher, Jonathan, and Eliot over the course of the show. Even though Eric wasn't as involved in the drama as the other main characters, his relationships weren't conflict-free.

In the second and third seasons, Eric dated Jonathan but they broke up after Jonathan cheated on him. After Eric began working with Blair to embarrass Jenny, Jonathan broke up with him because he'd changed. Despite that, it was good to see Eric have a storyline. It helps that this relationship didn't have a negative effect on other characters as well. Dan and Georgina This one is easy. Georgina pretended to be someone else when she first met Dan.

That was back when Dan and Serena were together and Georgina was Serena's frenemy. However, there's one big reason why Dan and Georgina as a couple hurt the series: At the end of season 3, Georgina showed up at the Humphreys' loft pregnant. Of course in a situation like that, it makes sense to get a paternity test. Dan did or at least thought he didbut it turned out he wasn't the father.

Georgina used him because he was the nicest person out of those she'd been within the right time frame. Dan and Blair Some people liked Dan and Blair together.