Is van hansis and jake silbermann dating

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is van hansis and jake silbermann dating

Van Hansis, the actor who played the gay character of Luke Snyder on Luke's romance with Noah (played by Jake Silbermann) included the. Is Tyler Hanes still dating Van Hansis??? I don't know but Tyler has enough teeth to make up for Van's baby teef. .. Jake Silbermann has booked squat. Jake Silbermann Girlfriend, Affair & Dating: Read all the facts Noah's romance with Luke Snyder (Van Hansis) was a huge hit with fans and.

Is there one scene that stands out for you, either in regards to the writing, how you acted, or the finished product? What about that scene was so special?

Every now and then a scene comes along that is really strong and is really connected to what the character is going through. My favorite scenes tend to be the simple ones. Back in March or so, I had scenes with Holden where we were fixing a tractor and talking about loneliness. I really liked those scenes. A scene that stands out to me is the one where Luke and Noah were caught kissing by Noah's father, Winston.

It's always fun working with Daniel Hugh Kelley, especially in a scene like this one where he just flew off the handle.

Van, how does a guy who grew up without a TV in the house end up pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon, and then get the desire to act either on screen or stage? What or who was your muse? I think growing up without a television forces children to be more creative in their everyday lives. You have to use your imagination for entertainment.

I would make up different characters and stuff like that. My parents enrolled me in an acting class when I was little.

It's softer and sounds less like a cleaning product. But Nuke has grown on me. If you had to change one thing about your own character, what would it be and why? I guess I would like him to be less gullible. Tortured characters are always fun — more so when they take out their frustrations on themselves Uberaeryn: Do you read Luke and Noah fan fiction?

Because I'm really kind of hoping you totally don't. Van told me about one. I don't think I'll be reading any. You've mentioned before that you've based the character of Luke partly on a friend of yours that is gay.


Since playing the role, have you discussed it with any of your gay friends and was what they had to say positive in regards to the "realness" of the character? Did they offer any advice? Congratulations on such a superlative portrayal. Luke is genuinely loved! I didn't really base Luke on my friend.

But after a few months of playing him, I realized, 'Oh, he's sort of like so-and-so. I haven't really discussed Luke with my friends. My friends don't watch the soap for the most part. How does the day unfold once you arrive at the studio? What all transpires during a typical work day? We shoot set by set. Those are awesome days. The writers had always planned for Noah to be revealed as gay. Luke and Noah's portrayers, Hansis and Silbermann, spoke with magazine The Advocate about the attention the storyline has generated.

The funny thing is, a lot of people want them to be happy, but a lot want them to suffer heartache and tragedy — because that's what couples on daytime TV do. It's a good sign, actually. Of course, I'm grateful and honored to be telling this story and doing it in an interesting and respectful way. Hansis stated, "Luke is all about the need to be loved and accepted. I think that need is universal. Life is about acceptance from the people who you want to love you. Anyone can relate to that.

I think we can all relate to an unrequited love or a romance filled with obstacles. That's really all this story is.

is van hansis and jake silbermann dating

We rehearse together to make sure we have the lines right. But it's not usually about the acting, its just running lines. I think a lot of cool stories could come out of that". We can talk to the producers if we want. I have done that once or twice, but they keep the writers and actors pretty separate. Jake is a good friend. I know he's got my back and is not going to make me look like an ass onscreen. I hope I return the favor," said Hansis. Jake is just very down to earth and funny and open to different ideas.

It makes every scene very comfortable. If anything, I think it makes it more comfortable. Luke's first crush for Kevin Davis ended badly when he " came out " to Kevin and was fiercely rejected, and Noah is involved with co-worker Maddie Coleman. In fact, Noah thinks jealously that Luke is pursuing his girlfriend until Luke reveals first his sexual orientation and then his attraction to Noah. After this, Noah struggles with his own feelings for Luke. One day, when Luke is helping Noah with his tie, Noah impulsively kisses him; he tries to shrug this off as a joke before finally admitting to himself and Luke that he meant it.

He isn't, however, ready to deal with being gay. Although Luke urges him to be honest with Maddie and to acknowledge his own sexuality, Noah hesitates.

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Not completely unaware of the undercurrents between them, Maddie is forced to confront the budding romance between Noah and Luke when her brother Henry tells her that Noah's homophobic father, Army Colonel Winston Mayersuspects the pair are involved. She asks Luke, and when he urges her to speak to Noah, realizes the truth. She breaks off her relationship with him. Colonel Mayer does what he can to prevent the young men from coming together, even threatening Luke's mother Lilybut just when he thinks Noah is safely reconciled with Maddie, he comes upon his son and Luke sharing their second kiss.

Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer

Colonel Mayer disowns his son but later launches a more devious plot to kill Luke and get him out of Noah's life - a plot that is thwarted by Noah and Luke's parents. Noah and Luke come closer than ever as Luke uses physical therapy to recover the use of his legs, paralyzed in the Colonel's attempted murder.

The relationship is not completely smooth, as Noah is still struggling somewhat with his own homosexuality, not able to express his feelings as freely as Luke. Noah continues to work on it, and it is at his instigation that the pair become housemates.

is van hansis and jake silbermann dating

While Noah had wanted to get an apartment alone with Luke, he compromises on Luke's suggestion by moving into Luke's family home, although the couple are not permitted to share a bed. Their new-found closeness is challenged when they meet a young Iraqi woman, Ameera Ali Aziz, who is in the United States on temporary visa and soon to be deported. Noah marries Ameera to help her remain in the United States, which requires that he hide his relationship with Luke and eventually move into a separate house with Ameera to make their relationship seems more legitimate.

Ameera, it seems, would like for their relationship to be legitimate, but Noah continues to be devoted to Luke, whom he kisses again while shopping for a birthday present for Ameera.

Is Tyler Hanes still dating Van Hansis???

When Noah visits his father in prison, he crushes the Colonel's hopes by revealing that his marriage to Ameera is in name only and that he and Luke are still a couple. Not long thereafter, Ameera disappears, leaving a note saying that she will be able to stay in the country without the marriage and will have it annulled. If actors do not perform a script it is not canon. And this information is straight from members of one of the writing teams for the show. So I guess that is canon too since the actor portraying Luke said it.

The point is, even if they did get back together, it was only because Reid died. And given their track record they would have split up two weeks later. So old Noah ended up as second choice anyway.

is van hansis and jake silbermann dating

And you go to Noah Who for laughs? Seems like you are one glutton for punishment. You seem to get way more pissed off as your posts reflect.