Iu and jo jung suk dating service

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iu and jo jung suk dating service

After working together for half of a year-and filming some sweet kissing scenes- it's not surprising that actor Jo Jung Suk can't stop talking about. Jo Jung-suk (born December 26, ) is a South Korean actor. He began his career in theater . On October 8, , news broke that the couple got married privately. . "Jo Jung Suk, "I Had Family Issues, I'm Not Dodging Military Service" ". "IU, Jo Jeong Seok Confirmed as Leads of KBS Drama, You're The Best Lee . IU and Jo Jung Suk finally take their relationship to the next level on Soon Shin (IU) and Junho (Jo Jung Suk) confirmed their feelings for Fans start a government petition against Dispatch after Kai and Jennie's dating news Zico reportedly preparing to set up his one-man agency, 'King of the Zungle'.

I supposed some of these ships are still intact since the couple denied their relationship. Excuse the SukWoo ship, LOL, I just had to put it in there because 1 fans do ship their bromance mostly for funand 2 I like their friendship too. This combination is unexpected—mostly because there was no absolute link between them that could suggest they are seeing each other.

iu and jo jung suk dating service

LOL, realisation came a little too late. Dispatch was brutal, giving Minzy couple no way but confirming their relationship—having caught them red-handed—meeting up and checking in a hotel together in England. Such a huge drop in quality of their stalking skills. They too, have been dating each other for about 2 years.

Reportedly, he startled Lee Yoon Ji with that statement.

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Lee Yoon Ji is now married. However, there may be a minority forming after his explosive chemistry with Park Bo Young in Oh! Congrats to uri Hye Jin for finding her Sung Joon in real life. Both rumours have been shot down without solid visual evidences; thus, their ships still sail mighty strong. Her eldest daughter is smart, demure and pretty, and she married a successful fund manager.

She now lives in Hong Kong. The assertive, second daughter is a marketing executive for an outdoor sportswear brand. Her youngest, Soon-shin, always gets into trouble. She has no goal in life and no talent. Compared to her sisters, Soon-shin lacks both the looks and the brains.

Jung-ae swears that she spared nothing in raising Soon-shin, but does not know what went wrong. However, she is aware that Soon-shin takes after her. Although much older, and not as hot as before, she can still command quite a presence as a diva.

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She made her TV debut in her late twenties, after playing bit parts on stage for a long time. Her debut piece shot her straight to the top where she has stayed all this time. Mi-ryung has had several love affairs, but has never married. Her private life is a closely guarded secret, as she believes that an actress must remain mysterious.

All her audience knows of her personal history is that her parents were teachers. Mi-ryung discovers Soon-shin's potential and takes her under her wing. She later finds out that she has a secret connection to Soon-shin's mother. Yoo In-na - Lee Yoo-shin [7] Soon-shin's second oldest sister is a marketing executive for an outdoor sportswear brand. She is quite capable, outspoken, and sharp, yet somewhat incapable and lazy at doing housework.

iu and jo jung suk dating service

She excels at everything — sports, arts, even dating, as well as yogaher long-time passion. Her interest lies in nature and spirituality. She is a vegetarian and passionate environmental activist. She is also full of contradictions. She cannot bear to lose and does not tolerate being overlooked, but still preaches tolerance and healing whenever she has a chance. She feels that her parents always loved Hye-shin and Soon-shin more than her. Then what am I? Why was I born?

Her self-worth was defined when, at age nine, she and Soon-shin played with matches and set fire to the kitchen. Her mother ran into the fire and saved Soon-shin first, leaving Yoo-shin traumatized for life. She has resented Soon-shin ever since. But after learning that Soon-shin was conned by a swindler, she started to look after her.

She begins to date Chan-woo, however with a contract that will control their actions. But as time passes, they find that they really love each other and later get married. Son Tae-young - Lee Hye-shin [8] Soon-shin's eldest sister Hye-shin is beautiful, smart, elegant, and lady-like. She was always the most popular girl in school. Her life was a series of highlights and she was the apple of her parents' eyes.

After graduating from a top university, she was on the fast track to a professional career at a multinational company. But she soon received a wedding proposal from a guy who has everything — prominent family, good looks, and wealth. Hye-shin has always lived up to the expectation to be the best, searching for the best answer in everything, even in marriage. But her marriage was not what she imagined it to be. Her fund manager husband looked down on her poor family, even though her parents had spent their entire retirement fund to give her a dream wedding.

She followed her husband to Hong Kongwhere she gave birth to a baby girl and spent seven years as a mother and housewife. Then one day she returned to Korea.

Warm-hearted and upright, she sometimes finds it hard to express her own dilemmas to her family because of her responsibilities as the eldest daughter. She moves back in the family home with her daughter Woo-joo, lying to her family, saying that her husband has been transferred back to Seoul, when in fact they have divorced. Kim Yoon-seo - Choi Yeon-ah A rising young actress, Yeon-ah broke Joon-ho's heart years ago, and currently has a mentor relationship with Mi-ryung.

She intends to set up her own agency, and wants Joon-ho to release Mi-ryung for her to manage. Joon-ho tells Yeon-ah to give up her plans to go solo and just sign with him. But she challenges him, saying what would really prove his talent is making a star out of a nobody like Soon-shin.

Then she would sign the contract. After noticing that Soon-Shin and Joon-ho seem to have a special connection with each other, she cancels their bet and starts to do everything in order to get Joon-ho back. He is particularly sweet to Soon-shin, who has had a longtime crush on him. Chan-woo is gentle,hardworking and principled. He is a faithful son to his parents, and a caring brother to his younger sister. He even helps out at his parents' restaurant on weekends delivering fried chicken.

His boss trusts him, and his patients adore him. Chan-woo went to the same middle school and high school with Yoo-shin. He had been Yoo-shin's pal since they were young, but started seeing her as a woman when they entered college. When he told Yoo-shin how he felt about her, she rejected him outright, causing them to grow apart. Chan-woo is a bit stuffy and old-fashioned, which clashes with Yoo-shin's casual-dating, free-spirited ways.

iu and jo jung suk dating service

But Chan-woo is still friends with her, which explains why he does not like it when Yoo-shin is mean to Soon-shin. This causes Chan-woo and Yoo-shin to end up arguing whenever they meet.

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However, these arguments made Chan-woo love Yoo-shin more, and they get married, even though his mother is against it. In the present day, he works as a baker at a bakery near the residence of the Lee sisters.

He meets Hye-shin and falls for her instantly, and later moves into the Lee home as a tenant. While Hye-shin tutors him with English lessons, he also teaches her how to box and play baseball, and more importantly, to become more vocal about her feelings.

As the two gradually fall in love, Hye-shin's ex-husband returns asking for another chance.

Jo Jung-suk

But even so, they still fight for their love and overcome obstacles together. Lee Ji-hoon - Kim Young-hoon Young-hoon is the owner of the restaurant housed in the Gabi Entertainment office building, and also Joon-ho's friend. He hires Soon-shin as a waitress, after learning that she was conned by a swindler.

He takes care of Soon-shin during her stay at the cafe. He is always there for her when she is sad.

iu and jo jung suk dating service

Although Joon-ho has built his company into a respected and prestigious agency, Dong-hyuk thinks Joon-ho is staining the family name. He fears that Joon-ho will fall for some actress and bring her home as his wife, so he acts as a matchmaker, and keeps setting him up on blind dates, which his son purposely sabotages. Chan-woo is the new hire at his hospital, and he starts to mentor him.

At first, he is always angry when he sees Song Mi-ryung but as time passes, he starts to open his heart to a new friend. They meet up coincidentally sometimes, causing his wife, Soo-jung to become jealous. He is then revealed to be a witness to the death of Lee Chang-hoon. Mi-ryung begs him to stay mum about it, but Reporter Park finds out that he was present at the scene and tells him to surrender the black box to the police, resulting in the case being reopened.

iu and jo jung suk dating service

In the first parts of the series, she and Song Mi-ryung were best friends, to Dong-hyuk's disgust. However, she is an unbelievable cook thanks to the cooking lessons Young-hoon gave her. As the series proceeds, she learns that Dong-hyuk is now meeting with Mi-ryung. At first she did not mind, happy that the "disgust" was now gone.

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However, she notices that Dong-hyuk is very happy with Mi-ryung and never shares a smile with her, which makes her very jealous, to the extent that she forces her husband out of the house and thinks of filing for divorce. As soon as she finds out that her husband was simply comforting Mi-ryung, who was facing problems, she started to understand it and let it be. She was sent to study overseas but returned abruptly because she was "not qualified" for studies.

She told her mother that she also wants to be an actress, the same dream as Soon-shin. She then enrolled in Mi-ryung's class, together with Soon-shin, on the advice of her mother.

However, instead of real acting lessons, she was tasked to do household chores, with Mi-ryung saying that it was a part of the acting lessons. In every session, Mi-ryung does this and Yi-jung quits the class.