Kim sun ah and lee dong gun dating

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kim sun ah and lee dong gun dating

Lee Da HaeLee Dong WookChung AhKim Sun AhKorean PhotoKwang Soo Korean ActorsKorean IdolsKorean DramaSketchesActressesDrama Korea. On February 28, , Lee Dong-gun was confirmed to be dating Jo Yoon-hee, . "Lee Dong-gun, Kim Sun-ah "When It's At Night" – Enters filming this month". Now, my soldier juniors tell me they are watching my drama for the same reason. It gives me an odd and strange feeling,” Lee Dong Wook admits.

S agrees and says: Y asks S to choose one picture that is on the internet — a capture that S wants to erase. Y jokes they will look for it. They pull up to a food stand. H feels bad for S so he laughs and asks what Y is doing how can she say that Y said that cuz S is dressed too pretty to eat standing like that.

After they get out of the car, H goes over to S and asks if she is ok. Y asks for a toothpick from the vendor so S can get one out and eat it. H asks if S wants to eat one bite of his so S gets closer to the food and licks her fingers but Y says no cuz S has to come out looking good later on the red carpet.

kim sun ah and lee dong gun dating

S keeps eyeing the food and gets a cup of the soup to drink. S stands there striking a pose and drinking ladylike. Do you have a boyfriend? We are the most curious. Y asks H why cuz the groom is supposed to say that. H starts to explain the groom can do it too …but S continues: I was feeling down — to be honest I debated whether to go or not and struggled with it. Y says to H: H says he sincerely apologizes cuz he did that cuz so many people like her and she was friends with the person getting married so he wanted to bring them happiness.

kim sun ah and lee dong gun dating

If I had known you were in that depressed state — how would I dare to do that. H mentions about how those questions make her far off relatives ask when she will get married or go on blind dates. Y says she stops it with money before they can saying anything — meaning she pays off each relative to be quiet and not ask that.

supermunchee: Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah Dating

S laughs about that. Y says if a woman has earning potential she can live alone —she makes them think that. Y summarizes what S said so far: S says she likes manly guys. Some more young guys faces show up and one asks: KSA noona — what is your ideal? Out of all the male actors that you acted with- who did you like the most? Y asks who she acted with ever since S started out and so does H. Song seung won- lee byung hoon —hyun bin — cha tae hyun- cha seung won-lee dong gun-kim soo hoon looks like the older guy from ripley —choi min soo?

And not too long ago lee dong wook and um ki joon. H asks who matched her the best — as an actor and other ways. S interrupts and says she left out Kim Joo Hyuk her date later Y remarks he will feel hurt since they are meeting later. Y suggests that S should say as an actor, Kim Joo Hyuk matched S well since he will come out on our program and he might insult us for leaving him out S laughs. S says without hesitating — lee dong wook -what he looks like in person — she explains when you see him from the side —his eyelashes are twice as long as hers.

Do you keep in touch with Hyun Bin? Are you dating lee dong wook? S is still laughing.

kim sun ah and lee dong gun dating

Y asks her to answer some of these since they have been asked. S makes a comment about the questions so Y tells her the got this from their viewers so S needs to insult the audience.

H and Y laugh.

Lee Dong Gun Posted A Message Addressing His Relationship With T-ARA's Jiyeon

I was really curious how it was filming the kissing scene with CSW. Whose kiss scene did you like the most?

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They show kissing scenes with gong yoo hey she forgot him earlierlee dong gun, lee dong wook, and CSW. Y asks her to combine all the actors she worked with and men she dated that she had kissed —who kissed the best? And he was so good at guiding her along. If you do it that well — what are other actors supposed to do? I was really grateful to him. From now on I will do better.

kim sun ah and lee dong gun dating

Have you drank with him? H agrees but Y laughs. Y asks if S was able to give him a message before he went off to the army —like go and do well and come back. H says he came and asked me to buy him a meal. S says I was going to buy him a meal but he just left. I know Hyun Bin a bit and when he talks about you — his eyes sparkle. I want to date him. A guy asks if she hits guys well cuz of her personality in real life. Y is surprised and finds this hard to believe: Im chang jung taught me a way to insult freely.

H lets out some insults that shocks S and makes Y laugh. Pretty picture of Busan Y asks if S has a personal bucket list-something you want to do before you die. H says do it with sam soon hee. At 39, what more does she have to show us?

At the time, I was watching three dramas at the same time: So I started the three having no idea that the lead actress was the same one.

And even if you call me blind or clueless, it was after I watched a number of episodes of each drama that I figured out she was the same one! So my stalking journey started. She was in the driving seat the whole time and moved the relationship.

For an insecure and a heartbroken woman; Kim Sam Soon did a great job trying not to lose her Self to the relationship. Thirsty for love as she was, she did not victimise herself and stayed in control of her life. I never re-watch dramas. And if I did, it would never be melo. But I might re-watch this again. The drama was full of profound pain and desperate struggle for survival. The character of Lee Yeon Jae started vulnerable and insecure.

When she found out she had few months to live, her rage turned into spending every second preciously. She made me feel the exact pain she felt and I cried my heart out.

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I Do, I Do A total transformation in the way she looked. I mean, how can Korean people only grow more gorgeous? The crazy loss of weight! And the bewitching wardrobe! Kill me for her shoes! Hwang Ji An is a bossy, arrogant, strict, and professional shoe designer. Her life is all about shoes.

Lee dong gun & jo Yoon hee are dating

What I love about Hwang Ji An is that she never compromises. When she sets herself to something she sees it to the end. Though her work has been the most important thing for her throughout her life, she decides to let go at one time but never to compromise what she believed right. Kim Sun Ah played the confident and successful Hwang Ji An perfectly and got me to love and understand her. The drama that gave me a mind blowing first episode immediately faded away.

Sun Ah played a supervisor in the Cultural Theft Division to find her treasure-thief father. I started the drama with great expectations and finished it with a greater disappointment. Silly, shallow, careless, and ugly on the outside. Talented, caring, intelligent, and ambitious on the inside. Kim Sun Ah plays Shin Mi Rae who is the queen of part-time jobs and a low-ranking clerk whose only job is to make coffee for the other employees.

As her path crosses the genius and ambitious politician, Jo Gook Cha Seung Wonthe inner dreamer surfaces. Not tolerating injustice and standing to her rights; Shin Mi Rae presents to Jo Gook a potential politician. Her kiss and tango scenes with Cha Seung Won are epic. They make my favourite couple of all ro-comedies of all time. As this drama is my favourite ro-comedy! While on the mission; emotions get in the way.

But nothing can possibly stop the invincible Chun Jae In from achieving it all. I loved her fighting and bullying scenes.