Matters of life and dating lifetime movie

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matters of life and dating lifetime movie

This original telefilm from Lifetime Television is titled "Matters of Life That's the business of Lifetime original movies, and there's nothing. Here's when all 79 new Christmas TV movies will air CONTAINS: Dating app, super-busy professionals, unexpected romance she starts to realize what matters most in life and sets out to mend her relationship with her. Matter of Life and Dating is a Lifetime Television movie, directed by Peter Wellington and starring Rachael Harris, Ricki Lake, and Holly Robinson Peete.

While in Memphis, Laurel reunites with old flame Clay Browna local music promoter with loftier aspirations.

Matters of Life and Dating - Wikipedia

Though Laurel tries to keep her eye on the prize of the business acquisition, Clay is very persuasive reminding her of the days when they were a performing duo on the brink of stardom.

When the new, big-city CEO Nick Carlingson Lissing visits the bakery, he arrives filled with modernization ideas destined to lay off many employees. When Nick finally tells the employees his future ideas for the company, Ellie must decide if she should trust him, but more importantly, whether to take a leap of faith in making her own dreams come true.

Her handsome neighbor Liam Hines is a music teacher and Eve feels his program must be cut. Already the universe is cooperating.

matters of life and dating lifetime movie

Eve is back home and she, Liam, and his daughter look like they might be celebrating many a future Christmas. Molly Lilleyfounder of the app, is determined to prove to her family that it is a success.

matters of life and dating lifetime movie

Therefore, she joins the app, and meets another busy professional, Jeff Daugherty. Nevertheless, they agree to stay matched for all their respective upcoming holiday engagements. When she wanted to leave, he made one final promise: Murdered at 17 Brooke Emerson is a very popular girl, but she also suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder caused by a brain injury.

Matters of Life and Dating

Missing at 17 When a year-old girl, Candace, runs away from home to look for her biological mother Callie, she meets a young man, Toby, who helps her in her search. Guilty at 17 When year-old Traci is lured into claiming she saw her high school teacher, Mr.

When the scandal breaks and Adams is fired, Traci is horrified to find out that, two days later, the distraught man has committed suicide. Incredibly distraught, Traci opens up to June, a new substitute teacher at the school that she has started to befriend. Seeing Traci is about to cave, June presses the girl to tell her the truth.

Here's when all 79 new Christmas TV movies will air

Fearing she may soon be exposed, Devon and her boyfriend decide to take matters in their own hands. Dead at 17 Jason and his friends find themselves in trouble when a girl they are partying with is accidentally killed. In a panic, they hide her body and swear never to tell what happened that night. Worried that he would confess, two of the boys kill Jason and make it look like a suicide.