Pregnant and dating nate

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pregnant and dating nate

-Nate to Jenny (The Sixteen Year Old Virgin) The relationship between to crush on Nate despite him dating her stepsister, Serena van der Woodsen. When Blair discovers she isn't pregnant, she rejects Chuck completely to focus on her. 4 dating rules keisha. Kesha pregnant it's unconfirmed who is my teen still married to get pregnant. Becoming the love and nate mantralaya rachael your account. \n. == Pregnant And Dating Nate == In a show of support, Nate brings Kiesha baby shopping. Profile on sites find and and a female or couple.

pregnant and dating nate

Concerned, Nate finds Jenny's brother, Dan Humphreyand fills him in on her request. By the time he arrives home, Jenny's crime has been revealed to her friends and their father, Rufus Humphrey.

Later that night, she sneaks over to Nate's to apologize and asks him to come with her to crash Blair's table at Butter. He agrees to go and Jenny gets her place back in the group. Wanting to help, he invites Nate to move in to the loft; an offer Nate eventually accepts.

While living there he becomes closer friends with Jenny and develops a small crush on her, that he acts on in Pret-a-Poor-J after he finds her taking photos in her bra with her friend Agnes Andrews. Meanwhile, Jenny has recently quit working at Waldorf Designs and set out to start her own clothing line. Her first step is to find investors and she plans to crash an event at The Palace Hotel where many UES socialites will be and stage a guerrilla fashion show.

When Nate discovers what she is doing, he agrees to support her and not stop her. After her show is a success, she kisses him but unbeknownst to the two, Vanessa AbramsDan's childhood friend who is interested in Nate, sees. At the same time, Dan kicks Nate out of the apartment for having a relationship with Jenny. Having nowhere else to go, Nate decides to go to the Hamptons to stay with his mother but mails a letter to Jenny confessing his feelings before leaving town.

Having never seen the letter, Jenny believes Nate lost interest in her and moved on. However, she realizes this isn't the case when she sees a photo of him kissing Vanessa on Gossip Girl. She makes a dress for her with no lining that will reveal her underwear and bra in front of everyone and the plan works. Before the plan takes place, the guilt of stealing the letter convinces Vanessa to tell Nate she stole the letter and accept the consequences.

Once Jenny's plan takes place, it ultimately backfires: He tells Jenny about the letter himself, and says he isn't interested in her anymore after what she did It's a Wonderful Lie.

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Meanwhile, Nate is struggling with his feelings for Serena and the two eventually enter into a relationship and Jenny has begun dating Damien Dalgaardan old friend of Serena's. However, Damien wants to have sex with Jenny, but she is unsure about losing her virginity to him. When Serena discovers that she is planning on doing it, she plots with Nate to stop Jenny from doing so.

This plan entails having Rufus crash Jenny's lunch with Nate to ground her, which works until he decides to attend an event to see Lily. He brings Jenny along and she has Damien meet her there.

On their way out, Nate tries to stop them but Damien slows him by punching him in the face. Jenny is excited until she finds out Eleanor also hired back her old frenemy, Agnes, who is hellbent on getting revenge on her.

At the show, Agnes drugs Jenny and leaves her at a bachelor party, which Nate witnesses her being taken to.

pregnant and dating nate

He tracks her down to bring her home safely and this leads to Jenny realizing she still has feelings for him. On Nate's birthday, Serena plans an extravagant surprise party for Nate but asks his friends to keep quiet and to downplay his birthday. Knowing almost everyone is ignoring him, Jenny uses this opportunity to spend some alone time with Nate and they go to lunch together. She also attempts to make him late for the party, which works for a time until they do arrive after a Gossip Girl alert is issued.

The party entails a game of Assassin, where each player has a polaroid photo of themselves and is "killed" when another player successfully takes the photo.

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The game eventually ends up with Jenny and Nate as the final players and in order to win, Jenny kisses him. When Nate confronts her about the kiss, she says she used it as a distraction only but watches jealously as he and Serena later leave the party together Inglourious Bassterds.

Soon after, Blair's maid Dorota is set to marry her boyfriend, Vanyain an impromptu wedding. The day of, Serena lies to Nate that she is having breakfast with her family when she is actually meeting Nate's enemy, Carter Baizenwho has information on her absent father.

However, Carter later reveals this meeting to him in front of Jenny and Eric. At the wedding, Carter asks Serena to come outside and tells her that he has her father's current exact location in Palm Beach, Florida.

She mulls this over briefly before deciding to leave with Carter and not telling Nate. On the way to the airport, she discovers that Carter has known where he was for weeks and didn't tell her in an attempt to woo her away from Nate.

Angry, she kicks Carter out of the car and calls Nate's phone, which Jenny answers. Serena asks her to tell him that she's leaving but does't want any more secrets, and that she loves him.

pregnant and dating nate

Jenny agrees to pass on the message but never does The Unblairable Lightness of Being. As a result, Nate is angry that Serena is not talking to him and ends up spending more and more time with Jenny. When Serena eventually returns, Jenny is jealous that Nate is still willing to work it out with her.

Meanwhile, Chuck is dealing with his break up with Blair and drunkenly tells Jenny that she actually has a shot with Nate now that Serena is back. To raise suspicion, she steals one of his shirts that she accidentally lets Serena see that she has.

She confronts Nate about it and they start fighting about who is keeping secrets from who.

➤ Nate dating gossip girl

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