Pros and cons of dating a firefighter

A Firefighter's Wife: 18 Years of Being a Firefighter's Wife: Lessons I've Learned

pros and cons of dating a firefighter

Overview Pros: Why you should marry a firefighter. Cons: There's a downside? What's Best for You? Bibliography Should You Marry a. These types of firemen are also skilled liars and con men. They appear to .. I am not sure if I can give you solid advice on dating a firefighter. There are some added bonuses when you marry a firefighter. (And some things that would probably fall more in the “con” column than the “pro”.

When the fire alarm sounds at the station, everyone springs into action. Firefighters must respond as quickly as possible to fires and medical calls.

Physical stamina is needed to climb ladders, carry hoses, break down doors, operate pumps, set up hydraulic jacks and open fire hydrants.

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Firefighters also assist police with search and rescue operations. Exhaustion, dehydration, smoke inhalation and muscle strain may occur, especially when a rash of fires break out. Firefighters may be injured when handling emergency situations, such as extricating an accident victim inside a mangled car along a busy freeway. Firefighters may be emotionally traumatized if they were unable to save people trapped in a burning house. Industry Firefighters often develop tight bonds and friendships among themselves because they rely on one another in life or death situations.

The camaraderie at the fire station can be fun and lively. At the same time, personality clashes may occur and cause tension.

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Firefighters typically work irregular shifts, such 24 hours on duty and to hours off. Frequent overtime hours can strain family relationships. By contrast, some families are very proud to have a firefighter in the family and readily adapt to unexpected inconveniences and scheduling interruptions.

You may want to seek advice from family if you are seriously considering this career. Education Requirements Becoming a firefighter is a rigorous endeavor.

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Although a four-year college degree is not required for most positions, an associate degree in fire science is advantageous because competition for jobs is keen. A true romantic, this guy has been engaged more times than you can count on one hand, always convinced his next date will be with The One.

He'll shower you with praise and compliments.

pros and cons of dating a firefighter

As soon as you show that you're human by burping after dinner, for examplehe's moved on to the next One. This guy is a genius or believes he is, at the very leastable to talk for hours about quantum physics or astronomy.

He's very interesting to listen to. Because he "knows everything," you'll never be right.

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This guy knows everything about you, from where you graduated to the type of honey you put in your afternoon tea, he's got it all laid out. You never have to explain what you're doing.

You'll never have to explain what you're doing because he already knows. You'll know this guy from the sweeping montage music playing in the background when you two meet. He only exists in movies from the s.

You'll know this dude because, well, you guys are besties -- have been for years.

pros and cons of dating a firefighter

Dating means that you run the risk of ruining a great friendship. You'll meet this guy as you wander around the dog park or at a small coffee shop. His accent leaves you breathless.

pros and cons of dating a firefighter

He's hoping to marry you for a Green Card.