Rihanna and robert kardashian dating

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rihanna and robert kardashian dating

Rob Kardashian took to Twitter to address the rumors that he's dating a former ' Bad Girls Club' star. "Wait reading online about some chick I'm dating Megan something," he said, spelling her name incorrectly. . Rihanna vs. Who is Rob Kardashian dating right now? We're not sure. Rihanna. Pisces. Rob Kardashian and Rihanna August RUMOR. The "S&M" singer, Click through to relive all of Rob Kardashian's relationships and flings Kardashian romanced Rihanna in August , following her split with ex-fiance Tyga — started dating Kardashian while his youngest sister.

However, their bubble of young love soon burst after Julian cheated on her.

rihanna and robert kardashian dating

Robert Kardashian was a well respected and well-paid lawyer who was thrown into the spotlight when he defended his best friend O. J Simpson in his murder trial.

He provided his family with all of the comforts any socialite could possibly need, and they lived a happy life. Kris and Robert got hitched in and had four beautiful children together. However, their marriage was constantly plagued with cheating rumors, and Kris was constantly in the limelight and not a positive one.

They eventually divorced inand Robert sadly passed away in Does it really get any better than that? We watched their whole relationship play out on the show, and we kinda loved them together. Their relationship could have been truly special. Alas, it was not meant to be. They would spend hours in each others company and were best friends before they were a couple awww. They officially dated from until and even lived together for a while. InKylie Jenner and Jaden Smith dated for a few months, and the pictures of them together are utterly adorable.

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They dated before the plastic surgery, the lip fillers, the dreadlocks, and the inflated egos, and they were just downright cute. Of course, fame and fortune caught up with them, and their relationship ended. This makes us sad. The socialite and the singer dated from to and had a great time making home movies together if you catch our drift. The couple split up inwith both parties accusing the other of cheating, and the home video was leaked a year later.

The pair separated inand Khloe filed for divorce. They were both happy and healthy, and they looked SO in love. The model and the Despacito singer had been friends for years, as Biebs has always been tight with the Kardashian klan the dreambut after they were spotted smooching and snuggling up together, there was no denying they were a couple. However, their bustling social calendars proved too much for the couple, and they ended things in You might not know his name, but you probably know his legacy.

The pair dated from January to August and seemed to have a pretty wild time of it. After they broke up, Joe Francis introduced his ex to Scott Disick — and, well, the rest is history! In recent years, Todd has confirmed that Kris forced him to sign a non-disclosure agreement which is not unheard of in the world of Kris Jenner so he would not spill their secrets.

Nevertheless, the two dated on and off for a year, and French provided a source of love and support during her breakup. Of course, whatever Kim K wants, Kim K gets. However, their close bond has often sparked rumors of something more.

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InKendall and Cara who adopted the glorious nickname of CaKe were rumored to be dating. These rumors were given more stead when their CaKe was cut up after Cara announced that she was dating St.

rihanna and robert kardashian dating

Since then, their CaKe has been more like a blancmange, and Kendall has ditched her best friend. The Kardashian dated Rihanna for a couple of weeks after his split from fellow singer, Rita Ora.

Rita Ora parties with Harry Styles, while boyfriend Rob Kardashian parties with look-alike Rihanna

Their relationship was nothing serious. In fact, the pair spent their time simply hanging out and having fun with each other. The couple first started dating in February until Septemberbefore cooling things off.

rihanna and robert kardashian dating

This makes us feel slightly uncomfortable, but at least it shows Justin Bieber has a type and sticks to it. Chyna sent rumours flying after snuggling up to a mystery man in January Turns out, it was Rob Kardashian! Rob had been extremely private up until this point, refusing to feature in KUWTK and struggling with weight and image issues. Meanwhile, Tyga continued his on-off relationship with Rob's younger half-sister, Kylie Jenner.

This is where things get messy. Chyna's best mate Amber Rose had previously got into a huge Twitter feud with the sibling's sister, Khloe Kardashian, over Kylie and Tyga's romance. She also exposed details of her sex life with ex-boyfriend Kanye West - who is now married to Kim. Rob moved out of Khloe's house and moved in with Chyna.

Rihanna and Rob Kardashian dating

Trolling Kris Jenner and co to the max, Rob and Chyna continued their blossoming romance. After hitting the gym together, Chyna allegedly helped Rob lose the weight he needed to leave the house and face the public for the first time in years.

And an enormous bunch of red roses. In AprilRob and Chyna got engaged. The pair celebrated with Chyna's mom at a strip club.

Silence from the Kardashian clan followed. Things got confusing as both Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna seemed to have everyone fooled.

rihanna and robert kardashian dating

Had they really been friends the whole time? Something is definitely going on.

rihanna and robert kardashian dating

Meanwhile, Rita has been busy making friends with all sorts of lovely British chaps, with One Direction's Harry Styles up there as her new favourite. The pair were snapped partying together after her performance at GAY last night, with Harry leaving bandmate Liam Payne's birthday party early so he could catch Rita's show.

The thigh high boots would have undoubtedly made any bitter comments from the 1D boys more than worth it. Harry went along to the show with pal Nick Grimshaw, although ditched his Radio 1 mate in favour of this very famous dog. He was snapped cuddling the terrier - who belongs to the owner backstage, just one week after Zayn posed in a very similar snap with the same dog.

Rita joined the boys backstage after the gig, tweeting afterwards: