Rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating casper

Who is Jennifer Lopez Dating? Her Boyfriend, Ex-Husbands and Relationships

Who is Jennifer Lopez dating right now? We're not sure. Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart. 8. Rodrigo Santoro and Jennifer Lopez. 66 Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro (): much younger backup dancer named Casper Smart, whom she dated all the way up until Take a look back at Jennifer Lopez' style throughout the years—plus all whom she dated for 10 years in a variety of '80s and '90s fashions before beaus— from her backup dancer Casper Smart to Drake—later, JLo still hasn't . man: her What to Expect When You're Expecting costar Rodrigo Santoro.

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating casper

There was one other thing in the background of the photo she posted on Wednesday morning: Given the extreme closeness of the bond they've developed over the past year and a half, it's also of course possible that he's now also her workout buddy.

If he wants to keep up with J. Lo, though, he better start stepping up his game when it comes to his own thirst traps.

Who is Jennifer Lopez Dating? Her Boyfriend, Ex-Husbands and Relationships

JLo may have started seeing David Cruz when she was just 15, but she went on to date her first love for a full decade, making for plenty of '90s fashion moments even after they split up, like this tank dress in Even though JLo met the actor Wesley Snipes when filming a sex scene she later publicly called "horrible," she went on to date Snipes briefly after filming wrapped, this time keeping showcasing a bit more demure '90s fashion.

Long before JLo's first husband Ojani Noa threatened to release a sex tape of her last year, the pair met in a Cuban restaurant where he was a waiter, making for a year-long marriage that saw JLo in body con dresses and blue eye shadow while he opted for hot pink button-ups.

We know Jennifer Lopez is everything we will always want to be. She's hot AF, she dances incredibly well, and she also had an amazing love story.

So, Jennifer Lopez Is Suddenly Extremely Swole

She started dating David Cruz when she was just 15 years old and the couple remained together for ten years! This is quite a long time! Actually, any couple that has Lopez on one side is definitely a hot couple. Fame is hard, and being in the spotlight was a bit hard for Chris Judd.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

I mean, I love his music, but poor guy. I mean, I would date him if he asks me to. Maybe he prefers to have this inspirational muse rather than have a solid relationship, and if this is the case, J Lo was a pretty good muse choice. Early this year, J Lo admitted they were dating and sure they made a lovely couple.

The relationships of Jennifer Lopez

Unfortunately, this just lasted a couple of months, and we just have one cute Instagram photo to prove it. Some sources said he was very happy with Lopez, but unfortunately he was still thinking about Riri. That track is dope! Eonline Oh my, this is absolutely my favorite J Lo love combo.

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating casper

Lo Canadian rapper and songwriter, Drakewas romantically involved with Jennifer Lopez in November The Award-winning artiste posted a cozy picture of both of them on Instagram. But after two months, they called it quits in January It was reported that there was on and off the set chemistry going on. But the claim was unfounded. They were seen having dinner in New York City but the pair claimed it was a business meeting.

rodrigo santoro and jennifer lopez dating casper

Who is Jennifer Lopez Dating? The two began dating on the 3rd of February, The lovebirds were seen recently in Italy, taking a vacation. Alex, a former baseball shortstop, posted a video on Instagram, showing himself and Jennifer Lopez singing while enjoying a boat ride.