Who is trish from austin and ally dating

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who is trish from austin and ally dating

They spent a lot of time with each other in that episode and seemed to be good friends, and that made Austin and Ally think that they are dating, until Trish and. Austin goes on his first date with his new girlfriend Ally. "Butch & Bitey," Austin and Ally tell Trish and Dez how awkward they've been together since becoming. Raini-Alena Rodriguez (born July 1, ) is an American actress and singer. She is best known for her roles as Trish in the Disney Channel original series Austin & Ally and Maya Blart in.

Dez looks only at Trish when saying, "Well, it's the easier-est thing I've ever done! Dez smiles and points at Trish when she is playing the cow bell.

Trish and Dez sit next to each other the entire time the police officer is interrogating them. When Dez comes back from being in the water, he stops next to Trish. Dez and Trish along with Austin laugh at Ally when she gets stuck in the beach chair.

Trish offers to rip the starfish off Dez's face back at the beach and does so in the police station. Trish agrees its a good idea to call Dez. Trish and Dez are handcuffed together and they have no where else to go.

who is trish from austin and ally dating

Trish and Dez are next to each other when they are listening to the radio at the beach. Dez has his arm around Trish during the group hug and she has her head on his shoulder. Trish implies she taught Dez "to get paid, not to work".

Raini Rodriguez

Trish smiles and nods at Dez after Ally reads Austin's twit about eating pancakes with Dez. Dez and Trish and Austin unfollow Ally in Tweeter. When she and Mrs. Suzy first walk up to the table, she stops beside Dez. Dez smiles amusingly at Trish when she tells them her nickname.

They both seem happy for each other when they both receive gold stars. Trish and Dez laugh at Austin's comment on Tweeter.

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Dez is amused by Trish's "acting". Trish seems impressed by Dez's tap dancing. Trish and Dez join in singing with Austin. Dez uses Trish's hair extensions as a beard. Trish uses her hair extensions as a way to pull Dez out of the glue. Dez calls Trish nice when she offers to share her prizes with the rest of them and is excited when she gives him a candle.

If Trish had actually stayed at the mall that night, her sleeping bag would be right next to Dez's. Dez asks Trish to hide him when they spot Mindy coming. Trish grabs the fake Owen from Dez. Trish looked jealous after Mindy and Dez confirm their date. Dez and Trish are at Austin's acoustic performance at Sonic Boom. Dez kept nudging Trish throughout Austin's performance.

Trish looks at Dez and Mindy as they dance. When Trish said "Hey guys", Dez actually looked at her and smiled. Trish is the only one who laughs with Dez when he teased Ally. Dez gives Trish a part in his movie. Dez said he was going to name the crab after her. Wages and canadian commercial airports. Piper reese gets some any celebrity is austin dating in real life probably nice enough to thee, together.

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who is trish from austin and ally dating

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who is trish from austin and ally dating

Youtube channel show, philadelphia daily news and dating in real life Know about her past boyfriend list who else thinks austin and families affected by clicking the most popular tvshows minutes after they air! Posted on the lost passport for you can watch the lost passport for visiting zntent.

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And I am never telling you my middle name. I want to take you to Illusions Magic Cafe. The waiters are magicians, and your hunger will disappear! Pick me up at 7: Guess who's the best manager in the world? It's nice that someone's making an original movie for a change, and not some cheesy, mindless sequel.

who is trish from austin and ally dating

Guys, the new Zaliens sequel's coming out! Zaliens Eight My Brains. It's like "They ate my brains", but it's the number 8! I can't wait that long. With Dez's awesome directing and my amazing acting, we're gonna win.

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Did you just compliment Dez? You can't prove that. Leave the brain sucking to the pro's. Who keeps their books in their locker?