Young ji and jackson wang dating games

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young ji and jackson wang dating games

Just recently GOT7 member BamBam got netizens talking about him as he demonstrated his 'young and rich' status on stage. JiHyun · Ji ChangWook, Im SiWan, JooWon And Kang HaNeul Handsome Pictures In Military Uniform The Reason Why GOT7 Jackson Supports JYP's Dating Ban · GOT7's. He even got a standing ovation when he joined his first game after coming out, with some in the crowd waving rainbow scarves. Meanwhile. Unexpected love Jackson and his group got7 was walking around shopping happily when they But they all found out that Youngji and Jackson isn't dating. +.

Many fans in the Hallyu community, especially those who have a preference to K-pop, have shown their support for Youngji and Ha Hyun Woo dating. However, there are some naysayers too. For starters, some are arguing about the huge age difference between the two being more than ten years. Youngji is currently years-old while Ha Hyun Woo is currently years-old.

To put it bluntly, age is nothing but a number when it comes to Korean celebrity couples. For example, one of the most popular Korean actors of all time, Lee Beom Soo, is currently years-old.

Jackson Wang

His wife, Lee Yoon Jin, is years-old. That is 15 years in difference. The other group of fans who are throwing some shade towards Youngji and Ha Hyun Woo dating are Roommates fans who ship Youngji and Jackson of Got7 together.

During the second season of the K-variety show, both Youngji and Jackson were roommates in the same house along with other Hallyu stars including Sunny of Girls' Generation, Nana of Orange Caramel, etc. The interactions Youngji and Jackson had were so cute, many fans started to ship them as being a couple. Take note that Roommates conluded back in April 14, which is almost three years ago.

That shows just how how dedicated fans can be to the relationships they ship. The episode ends with Jackson and his mother spending the next day together out in Seoul. Earlier, Bae and Ryohei had delivered food to the area and were concerned about how they kept warm.

GOT7 BamBam Gives A Ridiculously Expensive Item To JinYoung As An Impromptu Gift • Kpopmap

Lee dong Wook wakes Jo Seo Ho up to go to that area to receive a huge delivery of coal for the community. Later, the Roommates get dressed and go to the site to help deliver coal directly to the residents. When the task becomes overwhelming, Lee Dong Wook suggests that some of the Roommates call for help. Jackson's Got7 members arrive, with the exception of the leader, JB, believing they were going to eat Barbecue. Later the guys go to the bath house where they discover new things about each other.

The house is filled with laughter as they candidly talk about their love life, careers and men. Guk-joo plays a prank on Se-ho by having Yoon-hwa and Min-kyung speak to him on the phone and tricking him into thinking that he was speaking to beautiful news anchors.

Joon returns to house and is surprised to be greeted by Yoon-hwa, who was a zealous fan of g. The rest of the members return to the house after their individual activities. Dong-wook, Ryohei and Joon roast sweet potatoes out in the yard and discuss "men's issues". Joon Hyung remarks, "They sure know how to have fun". After that, the ladies gather in Guk-joo and Nana's room to discuss dating and, of course, men.

GOT7’s Jackson Explains Why He Won’t Be Dating In 2018

The show boasted some of the highest ratings of the season. Shoo arrives with her twin daughters, Im Rayul, Im Rahui, who are crying as they are uncomfortable in the crowded Roommate house.

All of the Roommates try to comfort them, unsuccessfully. This caused the kids to go to the wall pointing and saying Guk Joo, as if wondering why her pictures had to be moved. They left looking through the hallway.

The kids are frightened by Ryoshei, which distressed him. Later, Guk Joo calms one of the twins down and makes friends with the other one. One of the twins kisses Jackson and they both become comfortable enough for Shoo to leave them home with Guk Joo while she, Jackson, and Nana go shopping. Jackson "bodyguards" Shoo to protect her from shoppers who get too close. He wants to pay the check but his credit card comes up as insufficient funds.

He is embarrassed that Shoo had to pay for the groceries and offers to pay her back. Later, there is a knock at the door, it is Shoo's husband.

Shoo and the kids have settled into the Roommate house. Jackson is washing dishes and the kids are formally greeting him at the door. He is entertained by Sunny and Shoo's dancing.

Sorry girls, your future GOT7 BF Jackson is off the market this year

Afterwards, he is asked which one he liked best. Unfortunately, he says he can not decide. Shortly after this, the couple is left alone with the kids in the living room. When he tries to kiss his wife, one of the twins interrupts them. Shoo leaves to vacuum and the kids walk away. A cold breeze appears to represent the cold shoulder they are giving him.

As the dishes are dirty again, Jo Se Ho suggests a basketball game to decide if Im Ho Sung and Shoo would receive free baby sitting services, or if Im Ho Sung would have to do the dishes. Losing by 1 point, Jackson is left to do the dishes while Shoo and Im Ho Sung are given a coupon for free babysitting services.

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In the meantime, the ladies are in Guk Joo's room discussing, of course, men. Park Joon Hyung leads the guys into the women's room when the lesson is finished. This episode had the highest rating. They interviewed Se-ho about his occupation as a comedian. Meanwhile, Joon was telling Jackson and Sunny about g. Bo-ryung's father later visits the Roommate house himself, much to the delight of the members.

Youngji and Se-ho attempt to make dinner for their special guest but it does not turn out the way they had hoped. Joon's cousin and fellow g. The older members join Nam Hee-suk for a late night snack and they drink and talk into the wee hours.

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The next morning a mysterious figure appears over the couch where Guk-joo is sleeping. Jackson gives Taecyeon an impromptu tour of the house and goes into each room to wake the members up, surprising them.

They leave Taecyeon to help Sunny clean up the messy dinning area and living room. Kim brings his young son Bum-jun along as the boy was a fan of the show and wanted to meet Jackson, his favorite cast member. The comedians bring the audience back in time as they perform one of their most famous skits from over a decade ago. Meanwhile, Dong-wook, Ryohei, Jong-ok and Youngji head to Seonjaryeong for a camping trip in the snow.

Jackson recognizes him and treats him with his usual hospitality.

young ji and jackson wang dating games

He invites him to Lee Guk Joo's new vibrating bed and does leg and calf massages on him staying in practice for his Mother's physical therapy. The two men meet Bae Jong Ok and recant how they felt upon meeting her for the first time. In the living room, Jackson asks if he could meet Kim Heung-Guk's daughter. He tells Jackson that she is around 7 years younger than him. Lee Kye-In tells him that Jackson is from a good family.

young ji and jackson wang dating games

Kim Heung-Guk says that she has to finish college first, but the age difference of 7 years would be no problem since they would both be in their 20s. He said that he believes Jackson would be a good son-in-law. After a few questions from Park Joon Hyung, he decides that he needs help teaching them, himself. Jackson requests some ridiculous wishes such as putting his head in the mouth of a trained tiger, going to a deserted island, taking care of a Donkey and for Youngji to listen to him for a day.

They decided to go to a Donkey farm in Gunsan to fulfil one of Jackson's birthday wish. In order to persuade the owner to sell the Donkey cheaper to him, Jackson does the aegyo and Youngji dances to "Mamma Mia". They successfully persuades the owner to borrow the Donkey for 3 days, which Jackson named 'Michael' and the Donkey gets transported back to the sharehouse in Seoul.

At the sharehouse, chef Choi Hyun-suk teaches some techniques to Seho and Ryohei, cooking a variety of dishes including steak. The Roommate casts have a hearty dinner and the episode ends with the Roommate casts interacting and taking selfies with Michael, as well as the preview for the next episode.