Dating site for doctors and lawyers

No.1 Doctor Dating Site For Rich Single Doctors

dating site for doctors and lawyers

1 doctor dating site for rich single doctors looking for like-minded, elegant, patient , out-going wealthy people. Here, it is a totally % safe and secure dating. I am a successful professional woman, I want to date successful professional men, but they The middle-aged, say divorced doctors & lawyers, they say they want to date intelligent, . So, is there a site where I can sign up?. Launched August , Miss Doctor is a member-only dating platform for: It is the go-to site to find smart, ambitious, high-achieving beautiful black women other black female doctors such as pharmacists & dentists, lawyers, other doctoral.

If you are tired of the stereotyped online dating model, the site will be a good choice. It includes the doctors, the police, the soldiers, the firefighters, the captain, air hostess and so on. This site is dedicated to serving for men and women in uniform from all walks of life.

All the features of this site are completely free. You are free to send user messages to anyone, which is the biggest advantage of the site. The site fulfills the dream of many girls who want to date uniforms, but so far the success rate of final match is relatively low. The doctor users on this site are not as active as other professional doctors date website. But seriously, over the years I was lucky enough to date a couple such women, and I'll generalize: They were looking for perfection in their partner, and as awesome as I was haI never met their criteria.

Deep down, I truly believed that they were looking for someone their superior, although they denied it emphatically. They wanted a surgeon or top lawyer, from an ivy league school, tanned with abs of steel and a full head of wavy hair.

dating site for doctors and lawyers

But, maybe that's my insecurity showing. If you want a certain thing in a partner then look for someone who possess it.

Confirmation bias isn't your friend.

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If your reason for dating someone like that is to get back at society, then by all means, go for it. But frankly I'd be happier for you if you did it because you actually enjoy dating young ripped dudes and buying them stuff and taking them to Belize or whatever it is sugarmamas do. I think your question more accurately phrased is "why aren't the doctors and lawyers I want to date interested in me?

dating site for doctors and lawyers

You can be into whatever you want to be into, and no one should begrudge you it - but it would be easier for you to meet and date men in general if you were able to move past your doctor and lawyer fetish.

If, near the top of the list, is 'successful' and 'professional', that's okay, this is entirely up to you, but what else do you want? It narrows your choices, but if that's what will make you happy, go looking for it. The 'nice body' and 'doctor or lawyer' criteria will save you from dating the fat truck drivers that, even though they're intellectually challenging, you'd never be happy with. Some of your other criteria, you're not going to know if they've been met until you go on a few dates with the person.

Your search might be difficult and frustrating because you've consciously limited your options but that doesn't mean there aren't any successful, professional, nice-bodied, intellectually challenging doctors or lawyers looking for successful professional women in your zip code.

You don't say how old you are; as you get older, it gets harder to find single people who aren't screwed up to the point that it's a deal-breaker.

dating site for doctors and lawyers

You're asking if you should lower your standards. And fight the bitterness, because it's so easy to let it consume you. It's also equally misguided, I think. There are nice guys and assholes in every profession, but there are certainly different type of prevailing cultures in different professions. If a man is in an industry that encourages or even demands that he be ruthlessly ambitious and prove he's better than everyone else, he might be intimidated by the prospect of coming home to a partner who is his intellectual and professional equal, particularly if he's on the insecure side.

The corporate or professional culture anyone is a part of--meaning the social and cultural environment they inhabit for most of their waking hours--will necessarily affect warp? That doesn't mean you can't find a nice lawyer or doctor indeed, I can think of a couple very nice male doctors and lawyers I know, who love and support their wives' career ambitionsbut I think you'll definitely increase your odds of finding a smart man who doesn't prefer bimbos if you can recalibrate your idea of "smart" professions.

True, there are lots of successful non-doctors and lawyers, my ex-husband is an MBA and I am CPA, and there are many others, but those are the professions of people who have asked me out since my divorce. I want a relationship, but I think maybe this whole equal-partner thing is a myth, and maybe what I should look for is someone who is not competing financially or intellectually or whatever, and go for someone who will just blindly admire me like so many successful men seem to do.

Now I see that doesn't seem rational unless I really just want admiration and not an equal partnership. Thanks for all of the intelligent repsonses. I'm a lawyer and that is definitely not true.

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May I gently suggest that you explore how you feel about a close relationship? Because this sounds exactly like the type of defense mechanism I used to employ to avoid relationships without admitting to myself that I was frightened. I believe that many men actually like your characteristics in a woman. I think most are unsure of how to deal with a woman who acts more like say, how they expect other men to act. Perhaps they are intimidated by it.

I'd say this is all to do with how "gender roles" are played out in society. Most men expect women to act a certain way, and most women expect men to act a certain way. Some individuals are different, of course. You should try and find someone who accepts you for who you are and isn't intimidated by you. Someone who will treat you as an equal. You shouldn't limit your search to doctors and lawyers!

dating site for doctors and lawyers

Some great men are business owners, artists, writers, scientists, computer programmers, etc. I would only be interested in dating someone who's an equal partner. So if you approach dating as you've suggested, you would overlook me and lots of guys like me. I recommend doing some soul-searching and asking if that's what you actually, honestly want not if it's what you should want. You're marketing yourself to the wrong demographic, if this is genuinely happening over and over again.

Doctor Dating: Professional dating at its best | EliteSingles

Remember-- you don't want men who don't want a smart as hell partner, so you don't worry or overgeneralize when this happens, you move on and count your blessings that you found this out up front. I'm probably younger than you, but men who think intelligence is an actual turn on are my demographic and I don't worry about marketing myself, to be crass, to anyone outside of that niche.

I should look for is someone who is not competing financially or intellectually or whatever, and go for someone who will just blindly admire me like so many successful men seem to do. Actually, a whole lot of them want to be dominated in the bedroom.

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So much so as to be ye-rolllingly common. I do think that it's true that men are often intimidated by successful professional women, even though they may be unwiling to frame it in these terms. On the other hand, I see some professional women looking specifically for professional men who are often kinda snobby and superficial about it, or shrilly insecure.

Not saying that this how you're acting, but it could be a factor which is informing others' behavior. One thing that might help is to seek men who are not in your field. Go find out a good place to meet engineers and architects and other men who are not in the financial field at all. It's a little harder, sure, but it also removes the "direct comparison" aspect, which means that it's a little easier for both people to avoid knee-jerk power stereotypes.

This group includes doctors, lawyers, and one friend who is both a doctor and a lawyer, along with entrepreneurs, writers, newspaper editors, tenured college professors at Ivy League institutions, and other women who are dedicated to very demanding and high-profile careers.

So no, not a myth, and although I have no women friends who are CPAs, I somehow don't think that that particular qualification is a greater barrier to finding an interesting, professionally successful man as a partner than having a Ph.

What specific evidence do you have that leads you to believe this? IOW, why do you think this? I ask because I wonder if you're sitting and wondering why these guys aren't calling you back, when they're sitting at home wondering why you aren't being more assertive in pursuing them. Or some other weird misunderstanding like that. I've looked at this sentence a while, and I'm It seems to be sending a number of mixed signals about a your perception of yourself, b your perception of others, and c your perception about THEIR perception of you.

Doctor Dating: Professional dating at its best | EliteSingles

I'm wondering if maybe the problem isn't a matter of "equal relationships being a myth", but may in fact be more a matter of you maybe giving off some mixed signals without knowing it, and that's maybe putting people off. Gotta love strangers, your friends won't tell you Thanks again for all of your helpful reponses. If you date several different people but they all treat you the same way, that is not because all men are the same. Men are different from one another, and have different desires.

You're the only constant in that equation. Men and Women who are actually looking for Partners tend to seek out equals. Men and women who are not looking for that type of relationship have less rigorous standards.

dating site for doctors and lawyers

Trust me, as long as you are not looking for a gold digger, it is not. But it is not a liability either it is just irrelevant. If you are a doctor, a military or a lawyer who is willing to build a relationship, UniformDating is a wonderful community.

It is certainly the outstanding professional dating site and even a beautiful paradise where you can meet people and spend some sweet moments after a busy schedule throughout the day. Now that you are well established in your career, you want someone with whom you can share your success and your life, but are finding it somewhat difficult to find others who share your professional and personal aspirations.

Now you are considering joining a professional dating website but are unsure whether any of those websites are worth the time and effort. Read the Professional Dating Website Reviews One good way to decide if a professional dating website is worth your time is to read the reviews for several professional dating sites.

Look for the number of people who regularly use the site, what their professional and personal interests are, and the ratio of males to females. You then want to check out reviews for the website and discover what actual users think about the site. Do the majority of users like the site, do they find the site easy to use, and do they get responses to their profiles or their interests. More importantly, have they met any interesting professionals and have any of the reviewers been able to build a lasting relationship through the website.

You may also want to check out professional reviews regarding the website in order to discover if overall this website seems to be meeting the needs of the people it serves. You have likely heard horror stories about various dating sites being scams and are wondering if you can trust what you read on the professional singles websites.