Investor profile questions for dating

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investor profile questions for dating

The questions in this investor profile relate to your investment experience, financial Date. Code of Professional Conduct for Authorised Financial Advisers . (1)“. If you are unsure of the answer to any question, please leave it blank until .. investor risk profile to make appropriate recommendations. The trade-off between . Answer each question carefully, tallying the points awarded for each question. The Investor Profile Questionnaire is designed to assist you in identifying the type of investor you are and is not Refer to an up-to-date policy illustration.

You do not need to keep track of the points when apply in a branch the tally is done automatically.

investor profile questions for dating

Portfolio Objectives Which of the following best describes your objective for this account? E How important is it for you to keep a portion of your account in relatively safe investments with minimal fluctuations?

investor profile questions for dating

D Providing these answers will result in 16 points. How many years do you expect to be saving before beginning to withdraw from this account?

Investor Profile Questionnaire

How many years do you need the funds in this account to last once you begin withdrawing? D Providing these answers will result in 14 points. D The charts below show hypothetical annual returns for three different investments over an 80 year period. Keeping in mind how the returns fluctuate, which investment would you be most comfortable holding? B Investments with higher returns typically involve greater risk.

Which investment would you be most comfortable with? B Providing these answers will result in 12 points.

Investor Profile Questionnaire - Fisher Funds TWO KiwiSaver Scheme

How TD Determines the Investor Profile The points from each of the above sections are used to determine the investor profile. Again, the points are summed automatically when applying for an account in person, but need to be recorded when applying by mail. The 16 points scored in Section B. Portfolio Objectives results in the use of the below table.

Plotting a vertical line from the points scored in C. We want to provide new technologies to global users. Additionally, we invest in things that we understand. Our investment ticket size is EUR million, focusing on the upper range.

TD e-Series: Filling out the Investor Profile - Urban Departures

The capital is fully provided by private investors. We found common ground while exchanging opinions on new technologies. Events like infoShare give solid benefits in the future as long as you meet new people instead of spending the whole time among your own friends. In the end we printed company profiles of all Speed Dating participants.

TD e-Series: Filling out the Investor Profile

We added info found online to each profile. We searched their websites, registered for free trials and explored the products.

investor profile questions for dating

In the end we chose 5 companies for the meetings. What questions can they expect? They have 15 minutes to show us the product, their plans for development and expansion. We want to hear about the monthly revenue, the invested capital, the cap table and the number of users.

There are 3 scenarios of what might happen after the meeting: How does an investor prepare for meetings at conferences? Despite appearances, we do more than just attend events and audition startups. We work hard to prepare, check who might be interesting for us to meet. How do you find projects?