Non practicing muslim dating site

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non practicing muslim dating site

Though originally Hindu-focused, the biggest marriage websites, such I'm not massively practising as a Muslim but it helped me to see that. Practicing Muslims are not supposed to date. At least dating in its Arif Shaikh created a dating website and app called Credit. The practice of polygamy has declined, but Muslim women are still prohibited what you're looking for in a partner, even if you're not sure yourself yet. Some Muslim dating sites have seen huge increases in members over.

non practicing muslim dating site

When they take the word dating, they're adding this connotation to it, and I don't think that's necessarily the case. It's up to each individual and each couple to choose how they wish to interact with one another," Jessa argues. Getting to know someone and making the informed decision to marry them is not an alien concept in Islamic societies. Abdullah Al-Arian, a history professor at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, says that the idea of courtship has been present in Muslim societies for centuries but was subdued in colonial times.

When the British and the rest of Europe colonized much of the world, they also placed social restrictions on sexual interactions between unmarried couples, Arian says.

These social restrictions also took hold in certain Islamic societies, with religious restrictions on sex leading some to go as far as segregating the genders as much as possible, including in schools, universities and even at social gatherings.

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These practices began to disintegrate as women started entering the workforce, demanding their rights for universal education and pursuing higher education, Arian says. Segregating because of religious dogma became harder. And so, as the genders mixed, dating relationships also took root in some societies.

non practicing muslim dating site

This, he says, further facilitated the imitation of Western relationships. Changing ideas about modernity, widespread urbanization and the West's cultural hegemony influenced something as intimate and personal as relationships, Arian says.

non practicing muslim dating site

But the most influential factor is globalization. These "shared experiences," as he calls them, have given birth to third-culture kids. These multicultural generations are growing up with a "very different moral compass that is rooted in a number of influences; and not just the local, but the global as well," Arian says.

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Before social media and the prevalence of pop culture, it was a lot easier to enforce whatever ideologies you wanted your child to follow. But as globalization increased, this changed. Young people became increasingly exposed to the rest of the world.

non practicing muslim dating site

Today, their ideologies and values no longer find a basis in what their priest or imam preaches but in what social media and pop culture influencers might be saying and doing. Then there's the limitless online world. Dating apps and websites that cater to young Muslims looking for meaningful long-term relationships are easy to find. Muzmatch, a dating app launched two years ago, haspeople signed up. Other apps, like Salaam Swipe and Minder, report high success rates for young Muslims who previously had a hard time finding a partner.

At most events, the number of women vastly outnumber the men, and tend to be slightly older which limits options, particularly when Islam states that Muslim women need to marry men of their own faith, while men can marry into other religions. Muslim men are also more likely to return to their country of origin to find a wife, while the increasing number of educated, professional women will find a more limited pool of men matching them intellectually and economically.

This has led to the rise of a growing Muslim spinster crisis. Some Muslim dating sites have seen huge increases in members over the last couple of years.

How does a young Muslim living in the West find a partner these days? | Mvslim

It also makes it possible to search for potential partners with similar religious and cultural values. That common ground helps to overcome the potentially awkward introduction phase and get to know someone. Do you consider it important for your partner to conduct salah praying five times a dayor to eat halal? It means that you can find someone who understands your faith and is looking for marriage, which is why so many Western Muslims are now finding their partner via the internet.

There are many women who fall in love, marry a Muslim, and through the process of time discover Islam. All the possible ways of finding Islam are indications of the mercy of Allah and of how He guides those who wish to be guided. Perhaps more women than men find Islam through marriage because a Muslim woman is not permitted to marry a non-Muslim man, while a Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian or Jewish woman.

If the man is practicing Islam, he will be kind, considerate, and tolerant with her. He will allow her to practice her religion Christianity or Judaism and at the same time, he will be a good example to her of Islam. She will see him fast in Ramadan and at times during the year and notice how he disciplines himself and tries to be a better person by praying more, reading more Quran, and giving in charity. Through the course of their daily lives, she will see him pray five times a day and organize his work schedule and daily plan around this.

She is unlikely to ever see him flirt with women, drink alcohol, gamble, use coarse language, or lie and cheat. If he makes a mistake, she will see him repent and seek forgiveness of the person he hurt as well as the forgiveness of Allah. She will see in him his great love and fear of Allah as well as his love and admiration of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

She will also see his love and admiration for all the prophets of Allah including the one she, as a Christian or a Jew, is following, that is, Jesus or Moses peace be upon them.