Dating a cop hard

These Are The Best And Worst Parts Of Dating Someone In Law Enforcement

dating a cop hard

I would not date a cop, got nothing against firefighters, but no way My friend is a part time officer and he's how cops should be, not a tough. The first whisper reads, "Being married to a cop is so lonely " leave at the office, which is an aspect that can make dating difficult as these 25 people reveal. Dating a police officer has its own set of important rules to follow. It can be a hard choice to make, and if you care for them, you don't want to.

A post shared by Ckaaalifornia ckaaalifornia on Oct 2, at Independence - Have you ever seen those couples that spend every minute of the day in each other's arms?

Well, you will not get that with a cop. If you are dating a cop, he will be expected to be on duty most days, and even holidays. If you are a very independent and ambitious person with your own goals, sometimes that extra free time can help you feel not so suffocated by your relationship. You can use the extra time to run errands, take a nap, meditate, or even go shopping.

He'll be a natural leader - In the line of duty, he will need to make key decisions, sometimes on the spur of the moment, and assert himself to effectively resolve civilian issues. You can expect your cop to take that leadership trait home and run the household efficiently.

Can't decide on where to eat? Facing some maintenance issues? You can expect a cop to tackle these issues head-on in a decisive manner. He'll command respect in the community - Being a police officer is a dangerous job. You can expect him to receive praise, respect, and even free gifts from the community.

A police officer with a good personality will be loved by the entire community.

6 Reasons Cops Are Better Lovers Than Fireman

He will be thanked for making people's lives safer, he will be sought out for advice by young boys, and he will love you just as much as the community loves him.

His driving skills will be top notch - Most police officers are expected to work a certain territory and are given a badge, uniform, firearm, and vehicle. Since much of his job will center around answering civilian calls, he will spend a large portion of his day in a vehicle.

Throughout his entire career, not only will he have learned to drive in difficult situations, but also will know how to get around town more efficiently and avoid collisions.

dating a cop hard

You can rest easy knowing that your life is in the hands of a seasoned, experienced driver with years of practice. He will have a good heart - Police officers are often underpaid and work long hours.

dating a cop hard

But the greatest reward for a police officer is to see the tremendous positive value that he adds to the community. Many civilians join the police force because they want to make a change for the better in their communities. Dating a police officer means you are dating a man of high moral character who has a tendency towards altruism. Expect your cop to be a strong man - Police academies across the world have various requirements for a member to be a part of law enforcement.

Fitness is one such requirement, being tested at the law enforcement, military, and noncombatant levels. Dating a cop means you will always have a strong man to assist you in anything you need - carrying heavy objects, moving boxes, or even just helping carry groceries to the house.

A post shared by S. He will be brave - For a man to take a job where he puts his life on the line every day, he must be courageous and calm. If you are dating a cop, he will be able to deal with fear much better than a normal guy. He will respond to scary situations with a calm, gentle demeanor. His resilience after years of dealing with lawbreakers will help you find your inner peace as well. He will not have a lot of money - A quick Google search for pay statistics for cops shows numbers that are quite low, considering the amount of personal and professional risk they go through every day.

If you are dating a cop, you will not go to the fancy restaurant across town, nor will you get first row seats at the opera unless he's really trying to impress you. He will most likely be living a modest lifestyle in a mid-to-small sized home. If you two are located in a high cost of living area, he will either be living pay check to pay check or making a bit more money depending on how officers in your locale are compensated.

A post shared by mirthiferous on Oct 2, at You will feel a lack of control - Dating a cop can be stressful. He is tied to his duty to protect and serve citizens, and sometimes you may feel like there is nothing you can do to support him.

dating a cop hard

When he goes to help with disaster relief operations or apprehend criminals, you might feel frustrated that you are sitting at home on the sidelines with no way to assist him. This lack of control in his destiny will put a lot of pressure on some women, and make it hard for them to cope with the relationship. A post shared by Lucas Botkin lucastrexarms on Oct 2, at He must answer the call of duty - If there is an emergency, he will sometimes be expected to drop everything he is doing to help resolve the situation.

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These Are The Best And Worst Parts Of Dating Someone In Law Enforcement

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