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dating agencies scotland

Matchmaking Scotland since the 's, The County Register is a traditional dating agency that prides themselves on safety, discretion and quality. Looking for Personal Introductions in Scotland? The Professional Matchmaker offers a unique and personal dating service for professionals across Scotland. Many people find dating and making friends difficult whatever your Dates-n- mates is Scotland's national dating and friendship agency, which.

The agency's first big success story, Stuart and Nicola were hauled up on stage as the DJ announced the news and their friends cheered and crowded round to see the ring. Now the couple are looking for work and saving for their wedding which they hope will take place next year.

But for other people with learning disabilities - those whose social circle may be limited to those they meet at a particular day centre or be constrained by the number of hours they have access to support workers - finding the right partner can require a concerted effort.

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And, even once a spark has been ignited, more care will be needed to ensure the relationship progresses at a pace both parties are comfortable with. After one of Dates-n-Mates' speed dating or mix and mingle nights, all those who have expressed a tentative interest in one another are invited on a group outing where they can continue chatting without the pressure of being on their own.

Then, if both halves of the couple are still keen, someone from Dates-n-Mates will chaperone them on their first proper date, to make sure it all runs smoothly. From that point on, they are left to get on with it. But the agency is on hand to provide moral support if problems arise. Maybe they don't know what is happening with the relationship or it's all moving too fast," Joyce says.

The proportion who lose custody of their children is much higher than that of the general population.

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And yet, the right relationship can revolutionise their lives, bringing them companionship and the confidence to take on challenges that might otherwise have overwhelmed them. At their top-floor flat in Helensburgh, Paul and Pam McCann, who are in their sixties, are sorting out tea and biscuits. The ritual is played out as a graceful pas de deux, with much to-ing and fro-ing, clasping of each other's hands and playful poking as they fill the mugs and set out the Tunnock's teacakes.

Their living room is a testament to their year relationship. The walls are crammed with photographs, college certificates, pictures of sailing boats and blossom-heavy trees painted by Pam, as well as souvenirs from Celtic - Paul's other great love. The shelves are heaving, too, with trinkets and shell-covered boxes and a figurine, which Paul points out as his latest gift to his wife.

Paul can remember the first time he set eyes on Pam.

dating agencies scotland

On his first day working as a milk boy inhe was sent into the baker's her father owned and she was serving behind the counter. Though they didn't meet again for 22 years, he recognised her straight away when he moved into the sheltered housing complex where she was living. Struck by her "lovely smile", he decided it must be fate and bought her an engagement ring on Glasgow Fair Thursday,a date he remembers because it was the only time he got three weeks' wages at once and could afford to splash out.

As for Pam, she reckons she fell for him at a house-warming party. They thought I was up to no good. Even when the pair were told they could move into their flat inhowever, there was no sense this was something to celebrate.

I went flying down the stairs and two of the dishes broke. Their wedding had already been put on hold while they did up the flat.

Then, once they were settled, Pam dropped a bombshell. I said, 'Don't worry, hen, I'm not going anywhere. You only have to look around their home to see how full their lives are now.

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Paul helps spreads the message about their marriage and recently spoke at a conference called Undateable? As well as making things, Pam loves to go dancing and shows off her beautiful dresses, holding them up to the light so we can admire the material and the beading.

dating agencies scotland

They go on holiday together too; they spent their honeymoon in Ostend but they've also been to Ireland and Lake Garda. They travel on organised, but unsupported, coach trips, mixing with the other passengers and, if they are lucky, being given a bit of extra attention from their favourite driver.

It is this level of independence that Dates-n-Mates is striving for. The hope is, Joyce says, that in five years' time, the agency will have made itself redundant as people with learning disabilities join the same dating agencies as everyone else. In the meantime, however, many of its members will continue their quest to find "the one" at the Valentine's Ball at St Andrew's on the Square, Glasgow, on Thursday.

Taking the first step to getting to know someone new is daunting, but as the McCanns have discovered, when the chemistry is right, it can be life-enhancing. I wanted to get out to the theatre and Gig Buddies allows me go out in the evenings. If someone was thinking about signing up to Gig Buddies I would encourage them to sign on and sign up!

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They have a network of contacts including local groups which can help to put people in touch with others who have similar interests. The Outsiders Club offers physically and socially disabled people the chance to gain confidence, make new friends and form relationships. They run local lunches where you can get to know others in the groups.

Outsiders lunches are starting in Edinburgh shortly. If you would like to go along or you would like to help run them, contact Tuppy Outsiders. The Outsiders Trust also offers support on relationships, sexuality, dating and sexual services and run a free helpline on or by email on sexdis outsiders.

Local disability information services offer a range of services including information, advice and knowledge of local services. Some services also provide a range of social activities themselves, or will be able to tell you about other local groups that are running. Activities can be competitive or just relaxing. The club is suitable for individuals of any ability level. Another local group is the Friends Unlimited Network FUN which is for people who have learning disabilities who want to meet new people and develop lasting relationships.

Activities include discos, meals out, beauty nights, pub quiz, bowling, bingo, cinema, sports activities, local night clubs and many others. To find out contact details for your local disability information services, please contact our helpline on Dating Websites There are a growing number of mainstream online dating websites as well as a number that cater specifically for people with disabilities.

You can usually register for free but there are costs to upgrade your membership.

dating agencies scotland

Enable Dating When becoming a member of Enable Dating, you have three types of membership to choose from.