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Solved: nameofrussia.info and HomeHub5 DDNS not working - BT Community

Dynamic IPv6 updates using ddclient for records hosted on Hurricane Login to on Hurricane Electric Hosted DNS service portal. A mobile broadband Internet dongle (USB) with a valid SIM (I used a ZTE MF from O2). .. curl -I -6 www. nameofrussia.info HTTP/ OK Date: Sun, 23 Jun Thread starter gcodeguru; Start date Sep 27, Does any tried to use dyndns or any dynamic update software and it work? I think you need to ask MTN to open your sim so you can get a public IP address. access to ssh shell account, that's why i need this to work without using log me in hamachi. have received my Connect router and I'm waiting for my activation date. to sign up with one of thse listed in the router such as nameofrussia.info?.

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