Elizabeth nunez boundaries in dating

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elizabeth nunez boundaries in dating

Click for a larger image of Boundaries Publication Date: Sep 27, [If] Boundaries, Elizabeth Nunez's latest novel seems familiar, that's because it. In Boundaries Elizabeth Nunez continues the story she began in (Readers who have not read the first book are brought up to date in the first. nameofrussia.info: Boundaries (): Elizabeth Nunez: Books. male- female relationships to the tensions between immigrants and the American born.

Like many women, Anna Sinclair is caught up caring for her aging parents, beginning a relationship with a man, and pursuing her goals as a respected publishing executive.

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Anna has always had troubled relations with her mother; a reserved woman whom Anna believed never loved her. Now her mother is in the United States to have surgery for breast cancer. Observing her parents, Anna considers their relationship and comes to appreciate why her mother has been so distant. He and Anna are obviously attracted to each other, but Anna still has scars from her marriage and divorce from an African American. Creating a main character that works in publishing allows Nunez to write explicitly about her own ideas about books.

Anna has worked her way up in her publishing company and now heads a subdivision that discovers and releases books by people of color. Her dream rests on the importance of publishing books by black writers that reflect the universality of the human condition regardless of differences in skin color, culture, class, age.


If there is hope for the world, Anna believes, it is in our ability to see ourselves in others, in persons who do not look like us, do not talk like us, do not live like us, but who in every essential are exactly like us. Her dream has been to publish books by black writers who do not play into the stereotype of black people as oversexed, grossly materialistic, money-grabbing, greedy individuals who might seek violent ways to get what they want.

I feel myself expand when I empathize with characters who are like myself, despite the fact they lead lives utterly unlike my own. While Anna has been away, her company has been planning a reorganization that prioritizes profit over quality.

Boundaries, by Elizabeth Nunez.

Anna protests when a literary novel she is editing is given an explicitly sexy cover. To her and the author the book is more than about an adulterous man getting it on with a sexy mistress.

Her novel tells a story, but it also tells the truth about the human condition, about the universality of temptation, about the unending battle between reason and passion, about our proclivity for the carnal in spite of our best intentions.

Despite having become a US citizen, Anna sees how she not accepted as one. Anna and the surgeon predictably move toward marriage.

elizabeth nunez boundaries in dating

But Anna loses her battle at work. She is forced to take a reduction in status, a cut in pay, and to work under those who do not share her literary dreams. What hurts her most is that she is forced to give up her dream of publishing books that transcend rather than ignore differences. Her father and her lover urge her to accept the situation, although her mother unexpectedly stands up for Anna. How can you read about me and really know and understand me, when your experiences and overall beliefs differ so much from my own.

She was too idealistic for her role in the publishing field. May 23, Sarah rated it it was ok Interesting. Caribbean immigrants in NY and parents who prefer home. Raised questions inside myself about America and opportunities.

elizabeth nunez boundaries in dating

Boundaries is not a big story. They are coming to New York because her mother has breast cancer and needs surgery and will stay with Annie.

elizabeth nunez boundaries in dating

None of these plot elements are dramatic enough to sustain the novel for me. However, the story is also about the publishing industry and the profit versus art dilemma inherent in all creative endeavors. Here Nunez, as an industry insider, captures my interest.

Annie feels authors of color need their own imprint and wants Equiano to publish literary works by authors of color. She wants to publish books that have esthetic and moral virtue over pulp fiction that stereotypes blacks.

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Her boss, Tanya Foster, is more inclined to want to publish works of authors of color that sell. When Windsor merges with another large publishing firm Anna is pushed aside and demoted.