Epic alexi panos dating

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epic alexi panos dating

In this episode, Alexi Panos talks about why we're addicted to our pains, how She is the co-founder of a nonprofit organization called E.P.I.C. Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles - Entrepreneurs, Authors, Founders of the Bridge I wanted to contribute and that's where EPIC came from. . I had done six months of celibacy and started dating again, but I was calling in my. Get activated and empowered to live an EPIC life! .. Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles, the internationally recognized next generation thought leaders, redefine.

He's not actually just in this for the 'fame or significance. What are people actually being with and how can I support from what I understand in this given moment?

epic alexi panos dating

I found that I was really, really good at it. We need to be really consistent. I kind of put that aside for a while and then when I moved from New York to LA, I really got clear that I wanted to get back into the business of platform because entertainment was essentially a platform.

That was back in and I just started interviewing these amazing friends of mine who I was meeting at like startup conventions and retreats and just amazing entrepreneur, just people who had it together in one particular area.

That led to eventually creating this worldwide market and audience. I did some research on you and your so great in front of the camera. Why not do some stuff on video? Us coming together was really, our art kind of spoke to one another. Our vision definitely spoke to one another. It was just so apparent and so clear that, a, yes, we were supposed to be together romantically, but also, we were supposed to create together. Interestingly enough, this lends to our entire philosophy in essence.

How do I say this? Because you asked how we met, right? Which is a even longer story and I'm not going to go into the long story of it, but the short of it. I met a guy there who I was super nice to. We moved to LA. I think you guys are going to work together. I had done six months of celibacy and started dating again, but I was calling in my one so I was clear that anybody I was going to date was going to be one or two but not three or four.

Long story short, I had a blind date set up. Alexi and I messaged back and forth. I thought she lived in London. She didn't respond back on Facebook because she doesn't do that much.

Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles on How To Create An Epic Life

I had left it alone. Thursday morning, I woke up literally at 6 AM on the dot and you can find this on the internet right now. The blind date came to my door, I opened the door. You have to go.

epic alexi panos dating

He's like, 'You two, I'm going to add two more chairs to the front row,' so he puts two chairs in the front row. My date sits down. I look at the stage. I look at my date and, essentially, next to her, two chairs down, is Alexi. I thought you lived in London. I was visiting London.

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I just moved to LA. She thought that it was still like a business conversation, but for me, I was like, 'Yo, that's my wife. Social media is such a thing, right?

epic alexi panos dating

We were sharing what we loved. We were sharing because we knew it helped people and we were just sharing what felt authentic and organic for us. Because we understood that many people learn in different ways. Make this awesome book. Instagram, social media stuff, is awesome but people also want tangible tools that they can have and their hand.

How To Live An E.P.I.C. Life With Alexi Panos

Have I just wasted everything? What do I want to create now? We're intentional about making sure that we're not putting ourselves on a pedestal. It simply presents an opportunity to grow. And just like failure, success is also an opportunity to grow. Both success and failure are neutral but hold within them immense possibility to sharpen your tools and get you back in the game, better than ever before.

As founders of the groundbreaking Bridge Method which includes their live workshops, and various online training programsthey have created a movement of transformation that has taken humanity by storm through their unique and passion-filled approach to sharing age-old wisdom.

Alexi Panos

It includes a a fully immersive and high octane human potential training. From age 18 to 21, Panos toured the globe with the Murder Inc. She also lent her vocals to the track "Caught Up" from Ja's "R. After her time within the music scene, Panos decided that music wasn't right for her. Alexi co-wrote a book with her mother called "Watch Me" ina collaboration about finding the courage and drive to make what you want out of your life.

Panos has been a part of numerous television productions as a presenter, however, she is most known for her work as a co-host in SNY's "Beer Money", a sports trivia show, alongside Chris Carlin. During her many roles as host, Alexi found a knack and love for creating and producing on air and web content.

She produced the web travel series "Ultimate Quest", and is currently producing several other series for both web and TV. Panos co founded the non-profit "E. It was there she noticed a severe gap in the way people lived and decided to do something about it.

The Ripple Project has drilled 6 wells to date, and "E.