Sophie world book critique on dating

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sophie world book critique on dating

This long, dense novel, a bestseller in the author's native Norway, offers a summary history of philosophy embedded in a philosophical mystery disguised as a. Sophie's World has rapidly become an international literary phenom. and young adulthood) with nearly a million copies sold to date, Jostein Gaarder's novel. It took me two months to get through this page book. I can rationalize the reasons thusly: I was busy. — I took time to absorb the content of the book.

As time passes Knag begins to hide birthday messages to Hilde in ever more impossible ways, including hiding one inside an unpeeled banana and making Alberto's dog, Hermes, speak. Eventually, through the philosophy of George BerkeleySophie and Alberto figure out that their entire world is a literary construction by Albert Knag as a present for Hilde, his daughter, on her 15th birthday. Hilde begins to read the manuscript but begins to turn against her father after he continues to meddle with Sophie's life by sending fictional characters like Little Red Riding Hood and Ebenezer Scrooge to talk to her.

Alberto helps Sophie fight back against Knag's control by teaching her everything he knows about philosophy, through the RenaissanceRomanticismand Existentialismas well as Darwinism and the ideas of Karl Marx.

These take the form of long pages of text, and, later, monologues from Alberto. Alberto manages to concoct a plan so that he and Sophie can finally escape Albert's imagination.

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The trick is performed on Midsummer 's Eve, during a "philosophical garden party" that Sophie and her mother arranged to celebrate Sophie's fifteenth birthday. The party soon begins to follow into chaos as Albert Knag lords his control over the world, causing the guests to react with indifference to extraordinary occurrences.

Alberto informs everyone that their world is fictional but the guests react with rage, believing him to be instilling dangerous values in the children. When a Mercedes smashes into the garden, Alberto and Sophie use it as an opportunity to escape.

Knag is so focused on writing about the car that he doesn't notice them escaping into the real world. Having finished the book, Hilde decides to help Sophie and Alberto get revenge on her father. Alberto and Sophie cannot interact with anything in the real world and cannot be seen by anyone but other fictional characters. A woman from Grimm's Fairy Tales gives them food before they prepare to witness Knag's return to LillesandHilde's home.

While at the airport, Knag receives notes from Hilde set up at shops and gateways, instructing him on items to buy. In Contemporary Philosophy, you will find Sartre and the other Existentialist philosophers, and the other kinds of philosophies like neo-Thomism and neo-Darwinism. Before the time of Ancient philosophy, people used myths to make sense of their surroundings. For example, in the Nordic countries, people believed in deities like Thor, Loki, and Freyja.

Book Review: Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder (Warning: ramble/rant)

So they resorted to myths. Another example is Greece during the time of Homer.

sophie world book critique on dating

They believed in Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, etc. Then came Ancient philosophy. At this point in time, men began to question the validity of myths to explain natural phenomena. They wanted to make sense of their surroundings without resorting to myths and legends. They saw that deities, like Zeus and Athena for example, are suspiciously so alike human beings that they seem to simply be the projections of their makers. Philosophy thus emerged out of the need to explain natural phenomena in natural terms.

Therefore, the very first philosophers, the pre-Socratics, are also called the Natural philosphers. What is its nature? What is its essence? Is there one essence or many? Is everything in a state of change or is everything unchanging? Then came Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. These three men are the greatest Greek philosophers in the Ancient period. Plato was also concerned about man and his place in society. Aristotle was concerned with a lot of things, but mainly logic and the study of the natural world.

Then came the Medieval period, the time of St. They also were concerned with the topic of faith and reason. After the Medieval period came the Renaissance.


The Baroque period followed the Renaissance, and around this time Descartes was born. Modern philosophy started with Descartes. How do we know what we know? He wanted to develop a method in philosophy that will enable him to know certain things with absolute certainty, such as whether the outside world exists, whether God exists, etc. He was also a Christian. Descartes was one of the three greatest Rationalist philosophers. The other two are Liebniz and Spinoza.

The opposite of Rationalism is Empiricism, and the latter followed the former in the history of philosophy. The three greatest Empiricists were Locke, Hume, and Berkeley.

sophie world book critique on dating

For these guys, the five senses are the primary source of human knowledge, as opposed to human reason. After Empiricism came the Enlightenment movement. Then came the German philospher Kant. He thought that the views of both movements are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

He sought to synthesize both philosophies. Contemporary philosophy started with the French philosopher Sartre.

sophie world book critique on dating

Basically, he believed that human life has no objective meaning. Therefore, he thought, life is basically absurd. But we need not become nihilists people who believe that all hope is lost and that therefore nothing in life matters and everything is permissible.

We ought, instead, to face the absurdity of life with courage and create our own subjective meanings.

sophie world book critique on dating

They focused on different topics. Some were interested in the nature of the natural world What is the world made of?