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date for submission of tender document in the Office of UPRNN is extended M/ s Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigam Ltd. (UPRNN) a State. Notice No. - /UPRNN/E-Tender/UNIT /JHANSI/ DATED - . Uttar Pradesh RajkiyaNirman Nigam Ltd., Jhansi Unit payable at Jhansi. HAR PRADESH RAJKIYA NIRMAN NIGAM LTD. HASTA EL USO Notice Noir A.P.P./ALLAHABAD UNIIT-2/RNN/TENDER /18 Dated-.

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Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigam Limited (UPRNNL) eProcurement Tenders

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Uprnn ltd tenders dating

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Experience of having successfully completed similar works during last 3 years including last day of month previous to the one in which bids are invited shall be either of the following: Three similar completed works of not less than Rs. Two similar completed works of not less than Rs crore each or c. One similar work of not less than Rs crore.

Page 1 2 III. The bidder has to submit the details and certificates as per the Performa available in the tender schedules. Issuing of Tender Documents: Date and time for Receipt of tenders: Time and date of opening of tenders: The dates stipulated above are firm and under no circumstances they will be relaxed unless otherwise extended by an official notification or the date of opening happens to be a Public Holiday.

To qualify for consideration of award of the contract each tenderer should fulfill the following criteria. Copy of latest Commercial Taxes Clearance Certificate. The contractor should furnish copy of permanent account number PAN. The Contractor should submit details of existing Commitments of works as per the Proforma available in the tender schedules. The tenderer should submit the particulars preferably in the format specified in the tender schedule along with necessary certificates.

The tenderer should further demonstrate: Availability either owned or leased of the following key and critical equipment. Page 2 3 c Pan vibrators: Polymer modified single component Thixotropic mortar work of Sqm b. Glass Fibre Wrapping works involving minimum of Sqm quantity c. Application of Anti Carbonation coatings of minimum Sqm d. Completed one project wherein Air conditioning, False Ceiling, Fire Fighting, Electrical works activities have been successfully executed by the tenderer.

Completed a new construction work of a minimum built up area of Sqft. The Tenderer should submit signed undertaking of tender as specified in the tender document. Page 3 4 Procedure for Tender Submission 1. The Tenderers who are desirous of participating shall submit their Technical bids, price bids etc. The Corporation shall not hold any risk on account of postal delay or non receipt of bid documents.

Period of completion As mention above 3. The tenderers have to submit their rates on item rate basis with price for extra items separately in the same format in which the estimate has been approved by the ESIC New Delhi. The successful tenderer is expected to complete the work within the time period specified in the Tender Notice.

Firms Ineligible to Tender: The contractor himself or any of his employees is found to be Gazetted Officer who retired from Government Service and had not obtained permission from the Government for accepting the contractor s employment within a period of 2 years from the date of his retirement. The Contractor or any of his employees is found at any time after award of contract, to be such a person who had not obtained the permission of the Government as aforesaid before submission of the tender or engagement in the Contractor s service.

The Contractor shall intimate the names of persons who are working with Page 5 6 him in any capacity or are subsequently employed. Failure to furnish such information tenderer is liable to be removed from the list of approved contractors and his contract is liable for cancellation. Near relatives include 1. Sons, step sons, daughters, and stepdaughters. Father-in-law and Mother-in-law 8. Nephews, nieces, uncle and aunts 9. Any person residing with or dependent on the contractor. Qualification data of the Tenderers 8.

The Partnership firms, which are registered as Contractors shall intimate the change in partnership deed, if any within one month of such change. Failure to notify the change to the registration authority in time will entail the firms to forfeit their registration and their tender will be rejected.

The intimation of change of partners if any and the acceptance by the Registration authority may be enclosed. No relaxation will be given to any of the qualification criteria. Page 7 8 The tender of the contractor will be disqualified along with the forfeiture of E. If the percentage quoted by a tenderer is found to be either abnormally high or with in the permissible ceiling limits prescribed but under collusion or due to unethical practices adopted at the time of tendering process, such tenders may rejected.

Submission of tender would be construed as acceptance to all the terms and conditions of the tender which include conditions of contract, drawings and accompanying specifications. Each Tenderer shall submit only one Tender for the work. A Tenderer who submits more than one Tender will cause disqualification of all the Tenders submitted by the Tenderer. The Tenderer, at the Tenderer s own responsibility and risk is advised to visit and examine the Site of Work and its surroundings and obtain all information that may be necessary for preparing the Tender for entering into a contract, for construction of the work.

The costs of visiting the site shall be at the Tenderer s own expense. One set of Tender document, comprises of the following: Page 8 9 Price bid 7 Forms of Securities.

Bill of Quantities and Price bid. Town,Bangalore Amendment to Tender Documents All documents relating to the tender shall be in the English Language only. The bidders who are desirous of participating in bididng shall submit their technical bids, price bids etc.

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The bidders should download these documents for submitting the tender. It shall be explicitly understood that the Tender Inviting Officer does not accept any responsibility for the correctness or completeness of this schedule A and this schedule A is liable to alterations by omissions, deductions or additions at the discretion of the Project Manager, UPRNNLtd.

The tenderers will have to state clearly their willingness to execute the work at certain specific percentage of excess or less or at par of the ECV indicated at the space provided therein in Schedule A. The tenderer should however quote his lump sum tender based on this schedule of quantities. He should quote his offer as a overall tender percentage.

The over all tender percentage should be written both in words and figures. The bid offers i.