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Fonts may trigger memory as pungently as perfume: Gill Sans can summon . There are a great deal of similar three-dimensional effects on the original font it could find: Papyrus, a font available free on every Mac and PC. About the LaTeX Font Catalogue · Font documentation · Packages that provide math fonts; Last update of something in the catalogue: ; Meet The. Montserrat Free Alternative Font to Gotham & Proxima Nova: http://www . Source Sans Pro 5 Google Web Font Alternatives to Helvetica and Arial Best Sans Serif Fonts "Always looking for a font alternative to the dreaded Calibri" . Type Connection - Type Dating Game - to find out if two fonts would pair well on.

Unfortunately, because of the way the fontconfig alias works, most font choosers, such as in libreoffice, will not show Cambria or Calibri as options. However, a new document created using the Caladea font may not show up correctly on a Microsoft Windows computer which would not know to use Cambria instead.

The solution for this is to use only fonts which are commonly installed on both computers, such as Times Roman. It is possible to also install a common set of fonts on both computers. Another workaround would be to keep a document written in a proprietary font and always use that as a template to start new documents.

Manual font substitution You probably don't need to do this. If you are running an older release of Debian, the fonts may not be set up automatically and you'll have to do the substitutions by hand. You may use fontconfig to exchange the fonts system-wide or just exchange them in your favourite office suite. Papyrus Avatar cost more to make than any other film in history but it did its best to recoup whatever it spent on 3-D special effects and computer-generated blue people by using the cheapest and least original font it could find: Papyrus, a font available free on every Mac and PC.

On the website iheartpapyrus. It also seems geographically inappropriate: The letters have notches and roughness, and give a good account of a chalk or crayon fraying at the edges. The primitive letters leave the impression of writing in a hurry but there is also a consistency to the style, with E and F both carrying unusually high cross-bars. The lower case seemed to be modeled closely on the early twentieth-century American newspaper favourite Cheltenham.

The font soon became a favourite of Mediterranean-style restaurants, amusing greeting cards, and amateur productions of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat long title—good in Papyrus Condensedand its digital incarnation proved perfect for the desktop publishing boom of the mids.

It said adventurous and exotic, and marked its user out as a would-be Indiana Jones. Its use in Avatar was a remarkable notch up—and another example of growing typographic literacy as moviegoers scratched their heads and wondered where they had seen those titles before. Neuland Inline Are you out this evening to see an amateur stage version of a musical involving an animal called Pumbaa and another called Timon, with songs performed by a junior Elton John?

More likely than not it will be in Neuland or Neuland Inline. It is a dense and angular type, suggestive of something Fred Flintstone might chisel into prehistoric rock. The inline version is bristling with energy and a quirkiness of spirit, a bad type predominantly through its overuse rather than its construction. Neuland was created in by the influential typographer Rudolf Koch, who also made Kabel, Marathon and Neufraktur.

At the time of release it was so far removed from other German types both blackletter and the emerging modernists that it was widely regarded with derision — too clumsy and inflexible.

But its individuality soon became its strength, and by it had been adopted to advertise products that thought of themselves as special: Some time later, as with Papyrus, Neuland hit the big time in the movies—with the type almost as prominent in Jurassic Park as the dinosaurs. Both Neuland and Papyrus are classifiable as theme park fonts, more comfortable on the big rides at Universal Studios, Busch Gardens or Alton Towers than they are on the page.

There are many other display types that share this dubious attribute, and the enterprising man behind a site called MickeyAvenue.


The classics, too, show up in places their designers could never have envisaged. You may write to the MickeyAvenue webmaster thanking him for his sterling endeavours. You will receive a reply thanking you for your communication written—of course—in Papyrus.

The cabs are not like the lovingly crafted ones you can buy from Corgi, with opening doors and jewelled headlights, more the lumpy ones sold in Leicester Square to tourists in a hurry. You can see little spur serifs from where the chisel was applied perpendicular to the stroke of each of these letters.

Then we moved on to lead and wood-cut printing, which first imitated work done by scribes with pens.

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The lettering on the column of Trajan were brushed on, then chiseled. Photo by Silver Tusk Once actual drawing tools were a smaller part of the design equation, typographers started to get more theoretical with their designs — creating constraints of their own — fonts like Bodoni are geometrically rationalized, as they were created in a medium cast metal with relatively few restrictions.

In modern web typography, we still have the restriction that the letters of our alphabet take certain forms, but many restrictions have been removed. Rather than only having a couple of fonts available in our typecases, there are thousands.

So, what makes a font bad for the web?

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Even great classics like Garamond can be a disaster on the web, so its better to use a modern font that has been drawn with the screen in mind. You can see here a comparison of the great classic font, Garamond, blown up as it might look on papernext to a detail of what it would be anti-aliased at 12px height on a modern computer screen.

This Flash animation that I created illustrates how pixels distort curvilinear form — such as that of typography. So, the most web-appropriate fonts are drawn with these limitations in mind.

This illustration shows just what I mean by that.