Horse racing results database free australia dating

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horse racing results database free australia dating

Is there a horse racing results database available that is searchable? For example, suppose I wanted to search for the results of 2 mile Snooker · Greyhounds · Australian · American Football · Basketball Date Joined: 14 Mar 11 .. You could download the racing sense database for free and write some. Australian Horse Racing results, Horse Racing Materials. To search the Registrar of Racehorses database for available names please click here. Horse Name. We have an in depth database of racing statistics for racing in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, and it's all here at your disposal. Check out the quick.

I found that I needed to know place and date to begin with. The Racing Post archive is a list rather than a database. I have found that even Google is pretty good - Google the date, place and the term "horse race" and it will find it for you! Thanks once again, Stridingedge. Horseracebase or Racing Sense?

I will go with the easiest to use. I am not a computer geek.

Ratings2Win – Horse Racing Software & Selections

Neither do I have loads of time on my hands. Which one do you recommend for a simpleton like me? Which is the easiest to use? I'm corny, corny, corny, corny So corny, I'm corny, corny, corny I'm corny, corny, corny, corny So corny, I'm corny, corny, corny tonight hope I havent missed one apologises in advance!

The post it takes so longSo I got to sing this songTo let you know how I feel, what's the deal babyAnd I can't wait for youAnd the things you make me doMy heart is ringing so I'm singing this song for youChorus: I've listed them below. The up to date and reconfirmed data shown in an easy to read and quickly interpreted manner is both user friendly and seamless, giving you the tools to see the trees amongst a forest of numbers. The selection analyser is first class and being able to crunch hundreds of variables and factors to develop your own systems is fantastic.

Paul and Michal are always a phone call away to help with any issues and updates. I would highly recommend R2W to any avid punter or anyone wanting to learn more about doing the form. I find the information vital for finding an edge in betting markets. The ability to be able to analyse the speed of each race helps determine upcoming winners.

With features that allow you to handicap and price your own races, cross reference horses using the key race module, the ability to interrogate trials and black book performances are functions I use regularly. I recommend R2W Axis to all punters who want to gain a unique insight into finding winners.

In addition Paul and the team provide prompt hands on customer service which has made my Axis experience a happy one. I save heaps of time and I know the info is accurate with all the data being verified.

The sectional ratings give me the information I need, and whilst I have only scratched the surface of what you can do, I must say I am thoroughly impressed with this state of the art database.

horse racing results database free australia dating

A must have for all serious form students. The high quality speed ratings that it produces are a critical component of my form analysis. I also like the fact that the software allows me to be able to manually change the speed ratings if I feel the need to do so.

Horse Racing Results

I certainly recommend R2W to anyone who is serious about doing the form. This more than justifies any costs associated with the package. I can only give a glowing report for the database and also to Paul, Michal and the team who are always accessible if any assistance is required. My favourite tool is the selection analyser. The ability to analyse all selections or bets placed over a period of time across around variables is excellent.

This feature has assisted identification of where the greatest profits are in my betting activities, and opportunities to refine selections and staking, assisting to further boost strike rate, POT and most importantly profit for myself and members following my services.

This has given me a definite edge in my form analysis and gambling investments. The ratings suite gives you an edge on the best races to bet on and the early speed grids with race pace predictions are extremely accurate. In my opinion the historical speed ratings which contains first and last race sectionals combined with the detailed form and race analysis options are the keys to isolating the main contenders in a race.

Horse profiling is similar to company profiling for stock market investments and provides a definite advantage over the average gambler.

horse racing results database free australia dating

Axis allows you to accumulate a detailed base of individual horse key factors. The screen display of Axis is clear, easy to understand and provides for an excellent work flow that saves me valuable time in which to conduct detailed video analysis that completes my form study. With regular program upgrades and new form analysis tools added free of charge AXIS is in my opinion unmatched.

horse racing results database free australia dating

I found the consistency of the R2W ratings exceeded my previous experiences with other software and I now use R2W exclusively. Paul has also kept his promise of continually updating and improving the product releasing upgrades without additional cost on a regular basis. I also have to say that the support provided by Paul and his team has always exceeded my expectations. They certainly go the extra mile, and I would highly recommend R2W without reservation.

The product is exceptional and backed up by excellent customer service.

horse racing results database free australia dating

The depth of data available and the numerous ways to interrogate that data are cutting edge and streets ahead of any of the other publicly available databases. If you are serious about punting this is a must. Barry Jones Cebu, Philippines For the past 30 years, I have been interested in the challenge of trying to select winners at a greater rate than the market as a whole can do. For me, the foundation of this pursuit is data analysis — so I have always looked for the highest quality of data available.

That pursuit has led me to investigate a number of ratings products on the market.