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Tunisia juxtaposes the story of Bassem Bouguerra, a Yahoo! . But while an event like that could delay the final air date of Tunisia , this. De Martino, Laura; Hamrouni, Lamia; Hanana, Mohsen; Jamoussi, Bassem; Gargouri, Samia; .. Huaypar, Yezena, E-mail: [email protected]; Bravo, Jorge, E-mail: . Physicochemical properties and antioxidant activity of Tunisian date palm Bouguerra, R; Alberti, H; Smida, H; Salem, L B; Rayana, C B; El Atti , J;. Main · Videos; Declaration simulation dating copilul diavolului online dating · probabilidad teorica yahoo dating · bassem bouguerra yahoo dating.

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Project Update

At this point, making it to the first Tunisian Presidential Elections and having a constitution to show for it would be a huge--and increasingly poignant accomplishment. The world is waiting to see if Tunisia can pull it all off. Through the eyes of these two Tunisians, we are able to gain an intimate understanding of what is really at stake.

Our story will end with the Presidential elections, slated for the end of this year. By supporting Tunisia 2. How can I help? The filmmaking team met Jawhara and Bassem inwhen Jessie was living as a Fulbright Scholar in Tunisia, and Sara was there visiting her family.

But now our two stories are coming to a climax. This Kickstarter will ensure that we have the crews on the ground to capture the many crucial moments leading up to the historic post-revolution Presidential elections. This is where we need your help. You can play a key role at a critical time in our filmmaking process by supplying the vital funding we need to finish primary shooting. If we don't reach our Goal then you are not charged and we don't get your money.

As vital as money is to pay transportation costs and keep cameras rolling, we also need every bit of crowd-sourced support we can gather. Funders and broadcasters need to see that you are hungry for this film. She recently co-produced and directed, Spark: She is currently editing Genomania, a feature-length documentary about genetic and biological determinism in the 20th century.

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His work on international documentaries has inspired his interest in diverse cultures worldwide. FAQs For more information on backing a project, please visit: The Tunisian elections could be pushed back, for example. While the most recent official statements are placing presidential elections, [and hence our final shoot] as Fallit is possible that this will slide to