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The new city coat of arms is silver as a symbol of purity; it has the National Flag in the center, and a ribbon on the bottom with the datethe year San Salvador was declared capital of Central America. On the sides it has two swords: A crown of laurels encircles the coat of arms, which is also surrounded by 6 stars, representing the 6 districts that form the city.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message San Salvador is not only the capital of El Salvador, but also disproportionately concentrates economic activity in the country.

Other municipalities in the metropolitan area depend either on industry, like Soyapango and Ilopango, on public services, like Mejicanos, or on power generation, as in Nejapa and Apopa. The other municipalities have not developed their own economies, however, they have provided the workforce required for industry in neighboring municipalities. San Salvador, as well as the rest of the country, has used the U. San Salvador's economy is mostly based on the service and retail sector, rather on industry or manufacturing.

Financial sector[ edit ] San Salvador is home to the great majority of corporations in the country, and supports many commercial activities including: Most national companies have their headquarters in San Salvador, which is also home to regional offices for various transnational entities. Since the early s there has been a boom in the construction of call centers providing services to national and international companies alike.

San Salvador lacks a consolidated financial district; this is mainly due to the lack of urban planning that has plagued the city since the aftermath of the Salvadoran Civil War in Some clusters have formed, however, in an organic manner; today most of the banking and telecommunications are concentrated along the Alameda Manuel Enrique Araujo in District Two.

The World Trade Center offers some of the best office locations in the country: Centro Financiero Gigante Centro Financiero Gigante is a complex of office buildings consisting of five towers, the highest of which is 77 meters feet tall and has 19 floors.

Centro Financiero Gigante is a phased project which began with the construction of the two towers.

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After several years the number of buildings has increased, and it has become one of the most significant business complexes in San Salvador. While Azzam acted as support for Afghan fighters, bin Laden wanted a more military role.

One of the main points leading to the split and the creation of al-Qaeda was Azzam's insistence that Arab fighters be integrated among the Afghan fighting groups instead of forming a separate fighting force. Along with his Arab legion, he was thought to have "brought down the mighty superpower" of the Soviet Union. With Iraqi forces on the Saudi border, Saddam's appeal to pan-Arabism was potentially inciting internal dissent.

Bin Laden's offer was rebuffed, and the Saudi monarchy invited the deployment of U. Bin Laden's criticism of the Saudi monarchy led them to try to silence him. They discovered copious evidence of terrorist plots, including plans to blow up New York City skyscrapers.

This marked the earliest discovery of al-Qaeda terrorist plans outside of Muslim countries. In March—AprilBin Laden tried to play a pacifying role in the escalating civil war in Afghanistanby urging warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to join the other mujahideen leaders negotiating a coalition government instead of trying to conquer Kabul for himself.

In he went to live in exile in Sudan, in a deal brokered by Ali Mohamed. He was the Sudan agent for the British firm Hunting Surveys[] and built roads using the same bulldozers he had employed to construct mountain tracks in Afghanistan.

Many of his labourers were the same fighters who had been his comrades in the war against the Soviet Union. He was generous to the poor and popular with the people. The attempt failed, and Sudan expelled the EIJ. State Department accused Sudan of being a " sponsor of international terrorism " and bin Laden of operating "terrorist training camps in the Sudanese desert".

According to Sudan officials, however, this stance became obsolete as the Islamist political leader Hassan al-Turabi lost influence in their country. The Sudanese wanted to engage with the U. It was not until that the State Department authorized U. CIA paramilitary officer Billy Waugh tracked down Bin Ladin in Sudan and prepared an operation to apprehend him, but was denied authorization.

Ambassador Timothy Carney encouraged the Sudanese to pursue this course. The Saudis, however, did not want Bin Laden, giving as their reason their revocation of his citizenship. The Commission has found no credible evidence that this was so.

Ambassador Carney had instructions only to push the Sudanese to expel Bin Laden. Ambassador Carney had no legal basis to ask for more from the Sudanese since, at the time, there was no indictment outstanding against bin Laden in any country. In FebruarySudanese officials began approaching officials from the United States and other governments, asking what actions of theirs might ease foreign pressure.

Saudi officials apparently wanted Bin Laden expelled from Sudan.

What is the oldest city in the world?

They had already revoked his citizenship, however, and would not tolerate his presence in their country. Also Bin Laden may have no longer felt safe in Sudan, where he had already escaped at least one assassination attempt that he believed to have been the work of the Egyptian or Saudi regimes, and paid for by the CIA.

israele geografia yahoo dating

Due to the increasing pressure on Sudan from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United States, bin Laden was permitted to leave for a country of his choice. He chose to return to Jalalabad, Afghanistan aboard a chartered flight on May 18, ; there he forged a close relationship with Mullah Mohammed Omar.

In Augustbin Laden declared war against the United States.

israele geografia yahoo dating

Bush to King Fahd inthat all U. Bush cited the necessity of dealing with the remnants of Saddam's regime which Bush had chosen not to destroy. Bin Laden's view was that "the 'evils' of the Middle East arose from America's attempt to take over the region and from its support for Israel. Saudi Arabia had been turned into 'an American colony". In Afghanistan, bin Laden and al-Qaeda raised money from "donors from the days of the Soviet jihad", and from the Pakistani ISI to establish more training camps for Mujahideen fighters.

Michael Scheuer, head of the CIA's bin Laden unit, concluded that Ariana was being used as a "terrorist taxi service". The AKSU in the background is a symbol of the mujadin's victory over the Soviets, since these weapons were captured from Spetsnaz forces. It was after this bombing that al-Qaeda was reported to have developed its justification for the killing of innocent people. According to a fatwa issued by Mamdouh Mahmud Salimthe killing of someone standing near the enemy is justified because any innocent bystander will find a proper reward in death, going to Jannah Paradise if they were good Muslims and to Jahannam hell if they were bad or non-believers.

In the s, bin Laden's al-Qaeda assisted jihadis financially and sometimes militarily in Algeria, Egypt and Afghanistan.

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Their advice was heeded. The war that followed caused the deaths of ,—, Algerians and ended with the Islamist surrender to the government. It has been claimed that bin Laden funded the Luxor massacre of November 17,[] [] [] which killed 62 civilians, and outraged the Egyptian public. In mid, the Northern Alliance threatened to overrun Jalalabad, causing bin Laden to abandon his Najim Jihad compound and move his operations to Tarnak Farms in the south.

Bin Laden helped cement his alliance with the Taliban by sending several hundred Afghan Arab fighters along to help the Taliban kill between five and six thousand Hazaras overrunning the city.

israele geografia yahoo dating

He told the attending journalists, "You will see the results of this in a very short time. Embassy bombings were a series of attacks that occurred on August 7,in which hundreds of people were killed in simultaneous truck bomb explosions at the United States embassies in the major East African cities of Dar es SalaamTanzania and NairobiKenya. The attacks were linked to local members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, brought Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri to the attention of the United States public for the first time, and resulted in the U.

israele geografia yahoo dating

In Decemberthe Director of Central Intelligence Counterterrorist Center reported to President Bill Clinton that al-Qaeda was preparing for attacks in the United States of America, including the training of personnel to hijack aircraft. The plan was foiled by the arrest of the Jordanian terrorist cell, the sinking of the explosive-filled skiff intended to target the destroyer, and the arrest of Ahmed Ressam.

Please help improve it by rewriting it in a balanced fashion that contextualizes different points of view. September See also: Bosnian Mujahideen A former U.

State Department official in October described Bosnia and Herzegovina as a safe haven for terrorists, and asserted that militant elements of the former Sarajevo government were protecting extremists, some with ties to Osama bin Laden. Inhundreds of volunteers joined an "all-mujahedeen unit" called El Moujahed in an abandoned hillside factory, a compound with a hospital and prayer hall. According to Middle East intelligence reports, bin Laden financed small convoys of recruits from the Arab world through his businesses in Sudan.

Among them was Karim Said Atmaniwho was identified by authorities as the document forger for a group of Algerians accused of plotting the bombings in the United States. Khalil al-Deek was arrested in Jordan in late December on suspicion of involvement in a plot to blow up tourist sites. A second man with Bosnian citizenship, Hamid Aich, lived in Canada at the same time as Atmani and worked for a charity associated with Osama bin Laden.